royal challenge whisky price 180 ml

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Blended whisky is a blend of one or more whiskies, which may themselves be made from any combination of malted and unmalted grains. It is available in different quantities. Users have rated this product 4.5 out of 5 stars. Blended whiskies are ... Stores and prices for 'Royal Challenge Blended Whisky' | prices…

Royal Challenge is available in premium and reserve forms. Royal Challenge Whisky Price in India . 60 ml; 90 ml; 180 ml; 375 ml; 750 ml; 1 litre; 2 litre; Royal Challenge Alcohol Content – 35% Royal Challenge Premium Whisky is a blend of rare Scotch and matured Indian malt whiskies. Product description. Royal Challenge is a popular whisky in India belonging to United Spirits Ltd. Royal Challenge Whisky Price.

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