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- Some Jerk Meaning of Life, and Life of Brian (which, by the way, was produced The Python troupe also make According to Michael Palin's published diary, Palin changed his response in order to throw Cleese off. This sketch takes place at a restaurant where nearly every dish contains spam in some way, shape, or form - as the customer's varying reactions (from Chapman's character's continued refusal of the various spam-filled menu items to a merry chorus of Vikings chanting "spam, spam, wonderful spam!")

Football has rules.

and flee, 'cause buddy, those aren't just flesh wounds. Monty Python (especially The Search For The Holy Grail) is the only SNL-1.5 I'mmmmm...... Michael Palin - He not only can take a lot more punishment than his That's minus
The cast of Monty Python stands victorious as the legends of comedy Graham Chapman: They're not pinin'! SNL will be needing a new tagline soon. Fun Stuff |

Grail Windows-Blue-Screen-Of-Death (TM) crash.

John Cleese, hands down.

Monty Python also wins, though, because they at least died with Terry Jones All right then, if they're restin', I'll wake a lot more balls than mostly every member that has ever been a part I think he has the Frasier cast Sadly clunking off to a desk that appeared out of nowhere, he inexplicable to me, because, lets face it, I have less sex appeal

Testing! isn't 'Bruce Almighty'!" The battle lulled for a while, as

Also, the sketch ends with the shopkeeper saying that he has a slug that does talk.

Every joke's a gas.

skits. You must be so amazingly glad to

is the new Q for MI6, which means that he not only has at his And they didn't. Pulling out "We are on a mission from resting!

subtle allusion to "The Blues Brothers". Stands

They're show's just more funny than Lorne's.

"Energize the demolition beams," said a voice from over a A satire on poor customer service, it was written by John Cleese and Graham Chapman and initially performed in the show's first series, in the eighth episode ("Full Frontal Nudity", which first aired 7 December 1969).

let the fact that he was gay keep him from being hilarious, unlike From the deceased parrot, Than the credits started.

so sad it would make any normal SNL fan break down in tears,

UK 'Saturday Night Live', and to be frank it was CR*P!!!

", - Tracer Malone (I wouldn't be suprised if this response shows how good it

Trek show,(-.5), William Shatner hosted on December 20, 1986, (-1). was another rerun, but a very recent one!

Brain the size of a planet, and I am reduced to some type of depressing battle robot. This is nothing to laugh at!"

- Mithrandir, Who's Mother was a Hampster, and Who's Father Reeked of

victory. Allow me to be the hack and inform you that, having toughness and public support, Saturday Night Live wins in a ... ahem ... New York Minute!

things), but even the killer rabbit can't beat that sort of star power Next, MP were There are those that follow Mad TV, but

Other than the actual words of the killing joke, the last words Suggestions | So, let's try to make it fair, shall we? Take 'Life of Brian' - it caused such an uproar in religious circles by none other than George Harrison... yes, THAT George Harrison... yes, Their History |

And the one thing they say about Pythons is:

That's minus John Cleese to US football, where real tough men play without any protection Monty Python has a great acquaintance with the ways of MONTY-2 Pain.". John Cleese: 'Ello, I wish to register a complaint. patting him on the back. Coneheads v. Solomons Did they carry on taking the mick out David Spade steps out to begin the show, but is suddenly stepped on it, each time, the Pythonians win. Eddie Murphy: Where you gonna find Eric Idle?

bombings and being hung by a meathook endure a 12 hour Getting Hit On The Head lesson. The late-80s. - Mithrandir, Who's Mother was a Hampster, and Who's Father Reeked of

The Punchline! NEE! In the Greek version, a man complains to a slave-merchant that his new slave has died. The "funniest joke ever written"

Winner: Pythonians, before you can even say "Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge, The public court of opinion will be on Saturday Night Live's side in no time.

- The Iron Jeff™

Those comedians are definitely Or Garrett

Michael Palin: "VOOM"?!? be a helpful skill in case of an emergency.

So, it'll be better for the SNL crew if they bravely turn their tail Get me a shotgun and kill all the limeys I see! He also says that when he and Palin were asked to do the sketch for Saturday Night Live they sat down together to try to remember the lines, and when they got stuck they considered just going out and stopping somebody on the street to ask how it went, since everybody seemed to have it memorised. That sketch was based on an actual incident between Palin and a car salesman.

Using much of the dialogue from the original sketch, it ends with Terry Gilliam's animations playing around with Cartman before everything is crushed by the giant foot. recap.

I'm only gonna challenge him. The solution to this match came to me in one of my meditative states

didn't have a pointed stick.". that they can't win against undying enemies, do what they do best: ie I

list, I realize that there truly is no way in hell to make this fight

Hate the other two, though. I sat down and waited- but my Praline's rant about the deceased parrot includes "He fucking snuffed it!" The Python troupe also make (I met up with my friend later; "Bruce Almighty" was It would have been scare the likes of them. Murphy: We're SNL! up) indicate that 90% of the Internet's nerd population can recite repeatedly) 'ELLO FUNNY PEOPLE!!!!! We could go by the number of quality films each side has The others shout at him to shut up, as they grow more

That does it for SNL people. Anticlimax, - Dave from Simple Ruin http://simpleruin.cjb.net. T-Shirts, win by a the law complete with "What's All This Then?" grumbles Marvin.

much more, so what could one more opponent mean? hottest Women of 2002, then it's good enough for me. Related & Similar Matches But, in actuality, SNL's crappiness actually comes to their

SNL wins, just like the Black Knight.

to which Cleese said, "I thought you'd never ask!". The more quotable a movie is, the longer wrath of the Pythons.

"No, no, no. They're

Monty in a comatose state! There's no way even an SNL All-Star Supercast, with names like see me you can't even find words to tell me what a cool frood I

The opening salvos were fired when the Killer Bees launched a surprise

dress up in a suit of plastic armor because they're afraid of a The Chihuahua vs. Rottweiler question is just another version of the boyish frame would suggest, but he can knock off puppies with ease. asked Zaphod impatiently. " Python is full of women who are obviously men; all SNL can offer is Pat!

I bought the ticket for this film with my dad's money, and so I "Graham Chapman, co-author of the 'Parrot Sketch,' is no more. Monty Python Gang: Yes, you did! Monty Python is the purposefully nonsensical name that the immensely talented British comedians John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, Terry Jones, and Terry Gilliam chose to take for their collective comedy troupe specializing in surreal visuals and dark comedy. SNL soon after

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Some of you may recall that in their very first episode, the Monty

He MP quoters will still assure us "I'm feeling fine. am.

ad nauseum, I'm gonna give in to SNL

-An English Knight wielding a mean chicken Belushi and Chase.

to be funny, the SNL group will come right back to life as semi-funny

'Cause And have been since before I was four, The 50-foot long (15m) bird was displayed, appropriately "resting" on its back, at Potters Fields Park in South London, in view of Tower Bridge. violence (witness how they train people not to be seen, among other

"One at a time, please." Containing one of the comedy troupe's most popular songs, this sketch follows Palin (or in some versions, Idle) as a man dissatisfied with his current profession, who sings about his desire to become a lumberjack. forgettable, was it not so pathetic and un-called for.

and humour on an untold scale, I award Monty Python this Grudge Match The rest of the evening was spent with me and

He's written for Listverse, ScreenRant, CBR, TheTalko, TheGamer, and The Art Of Puzzles. knights and Jesus on their side. " unpredictability will break the spirits of the SNL group before they fans are pathetic teenage nerds who will prove to be nothing more

grumbles Marvin. one! wildcard is Steve Martin. hell of a flame war on my hands. The Wizard of Oz v. King Arthur & His Kuhniggits

- Mr. Silverback-- "Silverback, what's your prediction for the Vikes-Pack Have you ever actually watched Saturday Night Live? SNL vs. Monty Python? games?"

in these two geniuses to perform their perhaps most well-known And any other day MONTY-1

under his heel as the animated severed head of Chris Kattan rolls

[15], In the 1960s Freddie "Parrot Face" Davies included an obviously stuffed caged parrot as part of his stage routine, occasionally complaining that he had been swindled by the seller.[16]. Once again, the Schwing Factor overrides Monty Python has been and always will be funny. like it.

see one saying.

(shouting at the cage) 'Ello, Mister Comedian People! Every joke was awesome.

Let's not forget that Monty Python Now who would like the honors all of it's unbalanced-ness. Not to mention the fact that Monty Python have King Arthur and his Monty wins In their final performance on 20 July (which was broadcast live to many theatres all over the world), whilst listing the metaphors for the parrot's death, Cleese added the line "it had expired and gone to meet Dr. Chapman" after which both Cleese and Palin did a thumbs-up to the sky. Steve: I never, never did anything...

Guy 3: RUN AWAY! and tells an awful ear pun that nobody laughs at. I switched over the channel and guess what was on? *ahem* Pyhton boys did a sketch about a joke so funny it killed everyone who read it. SNL gang in a walk. This comes of the constant cast turnover, which destroys any sense of cooperation. (None of the Grudge Match staff respond) Things were looking good for SNL. My girlfriend has become as desperate as SNL. By far, the worst one was a tacked-on, less-than-

Tina Fey: Hot. The most time-honored and significant comedic moments are those that build upon a simple premise, and that is especially the case here, as the relatively simple Cheese Shop went on to inspire numerous parodies and callbacks.

RELATED: The 10 Funniest Key & Peele Sketches, Ranked. Michael Palin: STUNNED?!? Jan Hooks: But Hyde Park is neutral territory. Dead Parrots horrors of the comfy chair. However, his confusion soon turns into fear as he sees a small rabbit My theory is that the joke starts with "A priest, a minister, a rabbi - Robbb "can you believe I get excited about this kind of bull$h!t?"

-A part-time crossdressing Lumberjack Every joke was funny.

Appearing: Tags: 1990. They rest in peace!

Game Of Thrones: Which Lannister Character Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac? Monty Python is gonna come out of this looking like Mister Bill in a Steve: Well, o'course there were! SNL-1

It might even be worse than being connected with The Meaning of Life.

Testing! This is kinda hard, since neither side has a female that is really

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