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He is wearing a period suit. Elsewhere, Ellie lifted the lid on the wild parties she had while filming with the star-studded Les Misérables cast. Options coming soon! About the Character This conflicted girl gives her life in the fight for freedom.

Pricing Fantine is here dressed as one of the Paris Prostitutes. You're NOT the only one! Click 'Get a free Costume Plot' for pricing .

Les Amis + others doing geek/nerdy stuff: i was doing a large shoot for my gentleman's costume saw a tree and just had to do it, marius Pontmercy headbutting a tree for three hours while Cosette cries, much different than enjoltaire collabs but still fun, only I would get in from seeing Les Mis live and immediately put les mis cosplay on, even it became a little baggy because i lost weight prior to wearing it, but my sleeves stood up to the rain and didnt get soggy, i was short on time so the Photoshop Magic isn't as magical as i would want it to be, i would prefer a fabric that's under $17 a yard bc im a broke student and i know i'll end up needing at least 8 yards of it, didnt someone have a blue or green dress for cosette at some point?

Jehan being a fan of Jane Austen’s works, receiving a letter from a secret admirer saying “you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you” reading it again and again, speechless and astonished. Pricing About the Costume Cosette is wearing a dark jacket and skirt with a matching bonnet. Pricing Click 'Get a free Costume Plot' for pricing

These are the women of the streets of Paris.

Get a Free Costume Plot! Because Valjean shows great mercy and compassion, Javert feels only great despair and commits suicide. About the Character

Hear the people … The 2016 deposition that Ghislaine DIDN'T want you to read: Maxwell 'pounds' interview table in rage as she... Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers didn't want her 'perjury trap' deposition becoming public because it 'would sway... 'Everything Virginia Roberts says is a lie': Prince Andrew repeatedly told Ghislaine Maxwell his sex accuser... My home became an illegal Airbnb lockdown battlezone: He was told it was a quiet rental - then watched... As Boris Johnson looked in need of a large scotch, Rishi Sunak was on a triple espresso trip: HENRY DEEDES... Just 13% of people in England feel they 'fully understand' the current Covid-19 lockdown rules, study shows.

Bahorel is @the-hopeful-r - “my friend forbids me to make him actually wear the flannel bc it covers up his beefcakes or whatever”, Grantaire is @sashasthoughtsaretakingover.

About the Costume

Rags are what the prisoners are wearing. Options

EXCLUSIVE: Revealed - the 83-year-old who spoke for a nation: Ex-housekeeper Maureen from Barnsley who said... Glamour UK - Beauty and Lifestyle Trends, Hair and Makeup Inspiration.

Options Click 'Get a free Costume Plot' for pricing Pricing Combeferre didn’t want to be credited, but they’re wonderful!

Fantine is an unmarried woman who works in a factory owned by Valjean (though under his identity as Monsieur Madeleine.) About the Character They both like Thor and Hulk. About the Costume

Pricing Cosette brings seasonal fashions from European luxury designer brands to your front door in Australia.

Pricing We meet Fantine, a prostitute and her daughter Cosette who Valjean rescues from near slavery with the Thenardiers and their daughter Eponine. Portsmouth Dockyard was a location for film. Get a Free Costume Plot! This wig can also be purchased, but we provide them on special orders only. Prices determined by individual costumes used. Click 'Get a free Costume Plot' for pricing I’m working with A LOT of usernames and pictures, so if I get a credit or character name wrong, please message me and I’ll correct it! Enjolras is wearing period shirt and trousers with his red "military style" vest and red, white, and blue sash. Thenardier is an innkeeper who along with his wife lie, cheat and steal their way through life while raising a spoiled daughter Eponine and abusing poor Cosette who is in their care. Additional Contact Information: For any other questions you might have, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Ellie hit headlines recently when she split from her award-winning beau Richard as it was claimed the pair were 'worlds apart'.


Wigs available for rental or purchase. Jehan and Montparnasse becoming friends after they meet on a theatre and spending hours talking about their dark musicals list, Claquesous is slightly bored until they mention Phantom Of The Opera, that’s when he joins the conversation.

Newly qualified junior lawyers are earning £100,000 salaries driven by 'unsustainable' competition from US... How big screens have trashed the tiny telly: Bad sound and picture quality means smaller sets are not worth... Has Anna Wintour found love, actually? Eponine is wearing men\'s clothing...a shirt, trousers, and a wrap around overcoat with a cap on her head.

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