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The Dortmunder, sometimes "Export Lager," is a German coal miner's beer that has resurfaced throughout the US. Resources for craft brewers and home brewers, including The Beer Recipe Calculator for beer recipe formulation, The Hop Vine home brewing discussion forum, and other beer making resources for the creative home brewer. Dortmunder Export recipe with German pilsner malt and water additives like gypsum and calcium chloride. Heat 3 gallons of water to 168º, mix in water salts and stir thoroughly, now dough your crushed grain in, making sure to stir constantly to avoid dry pockets of grain. My co-brewer and I are brewing what the new guidelines call a German Helles Exportbier - previously called a Dortmunder Export. More German lagers for summer. Once grain is thoroughly mixed in, cover. I've listened to St. Jamil's podcast on brewing Dortmunders and perused the HBT recipe database for inspiration. See what makes this beer a worker's favorite. It will be here soon! Now this beer is also known as “Dortmunder export” and the thing that separates it from most other German lagers are, well, the hoppiness is just raised a little bit. So we’re going to use Nobel hops here and they’re going to be a We are also going to attempt a two step mash schedule.

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