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A quality sidekick improves on the whole story, as these examples from the past 25 years of genre entertainment illustrate. Ce site Web s’adresse uniquement aux consommateurs canadiens de produits et services de Unilever Canada Inc. Ce site Web ne s’adresse pas aux consommateurs à l’extérieur du Canada. Use them as an ingredient in one of our recipes or on their own as a side.

The easy choice would have been for BB-8 to be an adorable spherical swiss army knife, but luckily for audiences, this spunky round robot is much more than utility tool or plot device. Kitty Pryde did pretty well in the sidekick lottery. The only exception to this rule is Pat Dugan, the hero known as S.T.R.I.P.E.. Dugan was once the sidekick to the original Star-Spangled Kid, a character several years younger than him. FULL STOP.

Michael Cera’s take on the iconic role proves that there is more to the sidekick gig than just “unbelievable obeying.” This Robin is the agent of emotional growth for his bat-padre, an accidental ward who evolves into part of Batman’s chosen family. There is more to a sidekick, however, than someone who makes the protagonist shine brighter by comparison.

In many ways, they transcend the role of sidekick, embracing the gonzo journalist directive to become the protagonist in your own story. 1, #692 (October 2012): 2012: Bob: Bob, Agent of HYDRA: Deadpool Later, he became the sidekick to Courtney Whitmore, the hero known as Stargirl - again, a character who is many years his junior. The not-too-bright friend of Piet Pienter. Hodor. But as Negan says, “You’d be dead wrong.

Great sidekicks bask in the glow of their hero, and Mike Wazowski is proud of his top-scaring best friend Sully. On the macro level, The Lord of the Rings is about nations and people putting aside their differences to stand together against an overwhelming threat. Arrow wisely takes things slow and gradually builds him up from a troubled kid from the Glades into badass crime fighter. When it comes to the quality of its sidekicks, the Star Wars franchise has some spectacular highs and some reprehensible lows. H-O-D-O-R!!! Samwise Gamgee is proof that there is indeed some good in the world. Turns out, the world just isn’t worth ruling if Pinky isn’t there with you. Fangrrls is about kicking down doors, breaking boundaries and celebrating female fans with fun, witty and entertaining content. Unique in that he is the adult sidekick of a teenage superhero. And check out our complete "25 Greatest" lists here. What are yours? The not-too-bright second man in command. Lumiére & Cogsworth — Beauty and The Beast. HODOR!

(For the purposes of this list, it does not include animal companions like Krypto or Sandman's owls, or supervillain henchmen like The Joker's Harley Quinn. Those were OUR choices. A great sidekick rounds out the hero’s repertoire of talents while also providing contrast to their style and personality. The nakedly transactional nature of the way he approaches relationships along with his cynical wit also makes him one of the purest embodiments of the complexities of Martin’s epic world. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Loyal and true except for that one time he had amnesia and was briefly an agent of HYDRA? They even get crucified, die, and fight a war between angels and demons together. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. A re-skinned Mario. Join us as our entire staff celebrates anything and everything in genre through our series of “25 Greatest from the last 25 years” lists. A wise man (of the bat variety) once said “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” By this measure, Dogwelder is defined by the fact that he permanently fuses canines to bad guys. Check. The long runway gives both Oliver and Roy time to percolate and develop on their own as characters, with intermittent but resonant encounters with each other along the way. It didn’t take Rey long to fall, either, and their chemistry rivals Poe and Finn’s. The pair bicker, squabble, and argue, but the loyalty and commitment between these lifelong friends stretches to the end of the Earth and back. Sometimes that takes the form of unranked lists. A Player 2.

Hit-Girl leans hard into the trope, but as a young pre-adolescent girl instead of a grizzled middle-aged man, she subverts the archetype. Hodor? Hodor. What happens when you take the Terminator’s ability to shoot things, mix it with Bender’s contempt for meatbags, throw in a dash of Data’s intelligence and wrap it in Alan Tudyk? Much like Penny in Inspector Gadget, Hermione is the one who solves the riddles, figures out the solutions to the impossible situations, and executes the plans – all while leading her class academically. Byers. Samwise is the personal embodiment of that theme.

And who can blame Randy if he's sometimes sidelined by a paralyzing fear of chickens? On paper, Pinky and the Brain shouldn’t work – it’s too easy. Member of the Young Sentinels; revealed that the Seven Sentinels are actually a pedophile ring and that the Young Sentinels are their victims.

Hodor. As the type of hero who solves problems by punching them to death, Hellboy needs a sidekick with a more academic bent. Not only does Arthur function as a POV character, but he’s also a reflection of what a real person might do when fighting supervillains – namely shout “not in the face!”. Hit-Girl also elevates Kick-Ass’s everyman appeal simply by the outrageousness and audacity of her own deeply personal commitment to justice. Stealing a superhero’s sister’s purse isn’t the typical opening gambit for an aspiring sidekick, but it works out in the long run for Roy. Lucille is a lady. HODOR! One of the first examples of the gamers constructing elaborate detailed and emotional stories for a pixelated sketch of character, at first he was nothing more than a green ‘stache. Is killed by an assassin sent by his mother (Talia Al Ghul). Representing the best of human qualities, including heart, curiosity, and oodles of empathy, she drags the damaged Ninth Doctor towards recovery, ushering in his next incarnation: David Tennant’s brilliant Tenth Doctor. As good-natured as he is, he also has deep, unresolved anger issues. Langly. You can’t have one without the other. Except every week in your inbox. He was unjustly denied a medal at that ceremony at the end of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, but maybe he’ll settle for being named King of the Sidekicks.

The main character of the series. The failure of that series, in its own strange way, cemented their pure sidekick status. Sometimes that takes the form of unranked lists. He'll even give Earl a swirly if that means Earl can cross something off his list.

The patient storytelling pays huge dividends when they finally start working together with a fully earned sidekick status. Despite eventually being trapped in an alternate universe, she earns a happy ending with her very own (human) Doctor. Fewer do a lion’s share of the work and take next to none of the credit. There’s a complex network of Luigi lore – go choose your own sidekick adventure. Check. Dogwelder literally welds dogs to criminals. An impulsive reporter, who is Spirou's best friend. By submitting your information, you agree to our, The 25 best sidekicks from the last 25 years, Scarlett Johansson says ‘I do’ to Frankenstein movie ‘Bride’, Battlestar Galactica movie blasts off again with Simon Kinberg as writer and producer, A booger-eating Colonel arrives to play with a Back to the Future advent calendar (and more), The CW's new Batwoman Ryan Wilder is heading to comics ahead of her TV debut, WIRE Buzz: Miracle Workers prays up third season; Hulu speeds up 'Run' trailer; more, Why Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is still the most influential comic, 40 years later, X-Men: Days of Future Past remains the best X story ever, Catch up and rock out with our Back to the Future franchise rap-up, Picard finally joins the game in the Star Trek: The Next Generation finale [Warp Factor 4.5], A tribute to Ann Rule, the queen of true crime, The crew doesn't know what to make of the future in this week's Star Trek: Discovery, Share The 25 best sidekicks from the last 25 years on Facebook, Share The 25 best sidekicks from the last 25 years on Twitter, Share The 25 best sidekicks from the last 25 years on Reddit. To us, that’s love. A sidekick is defined as any character who has worked alongside, or apprenticed under a more experienced mentor. But he listens and follows directions well, and accordingly he’s an ideal sidekick for mad scientist Rick Sanchez’s exploits. Hodor. There are some sidekicks who are the hero of their own story, and Willow is one of them.

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