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Reporting on what you care about. ", She added: "At the same time, few companies feel threatened by Quibi right now, so I would not be surprised if it wasn't picked up at all.". Also read: One Third of Quibi Subscribers Say They Plan to Drop Streaming Service in Next 3 Months, "Content is not the issue," Nason said. Also read: How Quibi Overcame a Rocky Start to Dominate Emmy Nominations in Short-Form Categories. Why would Apple want Quibi? Marketing, Nason said, has been Quibi's true stumbling block. On top of that, bringing Quibi's executive team in-house would be a coup for anyone, Clinton said, despite the app's missteps out of the gate. Quibi has said it did not steal Eko's technology or trade secrets. Clinton pointed to a few potential buyers: Viacom and Discovery Networks could be fits; Comcast/NBCUniversal, which recently launched its Peacock streaming service, is another possibility, he said, because it could be looking to bolster its content library even more as it battles for new subscribers. At the center of the Eko-Quibi battle is Turnstyle, a feature on Quibi's app that lets viewers seamlessly shift between vertical and landscape video. But it doesn't mean they couldn't go somewhere else, re-tweak it, and turn it into something that's a great acquisition. ", Also read: What Quibi Gets Wrong - and Right - About Small-Screen Streaming. Quibi is a mobile-first subscription video service in the US and Canada, and yes, it was yet another new streaming service vying for your money. "Meg and Jeffrey are committed to continuing to build the business in the way that gives the greatest experience for customers, greatest value for shareholders and greatest opportunity for employees. Get our quick reviews on the 24 scripted, unscripted, and documentary series that Quibi has launched with - which are worth your time, and which should you skip? Well, this tweet from April that is now going viral again will show you at least one thing we'll be missing now that Quibi is dead. At any rate, Nason said Quibi is "not going anywhere because of the Eko active litigation." At the same time, one analyst warned Quibi's buyout prospects are low, at least for now, due to an ongoing legal battle over its app technology. Quibi on the Block: Who Would Buy the Struggling Streamer and for How Much? The Journal report came less than six months after the service launched in early April. There could also be synergies for Sony who has yet to create a D2C product but has experience with Crackle. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! ", Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, University of Utah settles with family of murdered student Lauren McCluskey and renames its violence prevention center in her honor, Workers who lost jobs because of COVID-19 find new careers in these fields. Apple, which jumped into the content game last year and may be looking to expand its library, could be another logical buyer, he said.

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