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“Saint” Aelwaer, the demonic anti-saint with her evil cat, by Cornelis Anthonisz, c. 1550, woodcut. Very few, if any, cats were around for 400 years. I would not have wanted to have been that cat, nor would I have wanted to be that lion. I really do not recall why I struck 1232.

This is why onlookers—even pious Christians—could stand laughing at the cruel spectacle of writhing bodies, listening to the hideous screaming of the burning cats and taking pleasure in it. Pope Innocent VIII did not believe that cats were such innocent, helpful, and loving creatures. These poor mummified cats were stripped of the wrappings that made them mummies, and then they were shipped off to farmers in the United States and England. Witches and cats go together. I view his actions a step too far.

If one was caught, the punishment was death. Actually, I feel good except for the back.

I wonder if they put the cats in bags first. He was intent on stamping out a sect of Devil-worshippers in Germany who involved black cats in their rituals.

For many people the cat population operated as important rodent-controllers, and every so often a cat would go beyond being a mere working animal and become a welcome pet inside the house. a destruction of cats – Have you ever seen what a bunch of cats can do to a piece of furniture with their claws? I went back to my notes.

If not, well, cats have been known to survive drops of 65 or more feet. Mount Tambora in Indonesia…, Goderuna / ShutterstockDementia is typically thought of and treated as an individual sickness.

a clowder of cats – Clowder is a variant of the word “clutter”.

We deliver big-picture science by reporting on a single monthly topic from multiple perspectives. Ten Zombified Grammar Myths That Need to Stay Buried, All Caps, Multiple Exclamation Points, & the Interrobang. Magazine Premium created by c.bavota. Anyway, they were rodents and the people back then had about the same sanitary habits as a pig in slop. An eyewitness reported that the very last live cat to be thrown somehow managed to survive the fall and was seen scampering to safety. It is estimated 50 million died. The cats that are thrown now are toy ones, to be caught by children standing below. Once she was tamed by Ra, she began to protect humans too. Matter, Biology, Numbers, Ideas, Culture, Connected. There are affiliate links in most of my articles and on my home page. At the funeral, copious amounts of wine would be consumed as the mourners beat on their breasts. The cats symbolized the twin qualities of their Scandinavian mistress, fecundity and ferocity. During the Spanish Inquisition, he declared cats to be evil. The cat would be mummified and laid to rest in a coffin full of mummified mice.

a dowt of cats – Dowt is a Scottish word that means “cigarette butt.” I have no clue why this word is a collective noun for cats.

So from this situation, come up with one or more storylines for tales of horror. As one writer put it, if the murdered cats had ghosts they would have enjoyed a vindictive satisfaction in watching the mass suffering of the human population. I wonder if he ever regretted proclaiming the cat to be evil.

In 1232, Pope Innocent VIII declared cats diabolical, associated with the Devil.

Write a story about him and his dislike of cats.

Since I shared these facts with him, he has changed his mind. Innocent VIII, original name Giovanni Battista Cibo, (born 1432, Genoa—died July 25/26, 1492, Rome), pope from 1484 to 1492.. Named bishop of Savona, Italy, in 1467 by Pope Paul II, he was made cardinal in 1473 by Pope Sixtus IV, whom he succeeded.His election was manipulated by Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere (later Pope Julius II), whose tool Innocent remained. Actually, it couldn’t have been any more severe. The feline population as a whole was under threat. Others in the world were not so fond of cats.

This cult had taken a hold in Germany, and it was news from there that had alarmed the pontiff in Rome. They feel after him and when they have found him they kiss him under the tail.”. Your email address will not be published. Collective Nouns – Below are many collective nouns that can be used to describe a group of cats. Our patients can challenge our…. No. All because a Pope assumed cats were evil. His company is doing some runway work at the airport which can only be done night time.

See how many writing prompts about cats you can come up with yourself. First a new initiate and then the master of the sect would kiss the cat on its rump. That was it for cats. We are now 8-1 for the season. As cats became more domesticated, Bastet morphed into the goddess of family, fertility, and love.

It took the form of a kind of moral panic, with the victims being portrayed as arch-enemies of the Christian Church.

Toward the end of the 15th century Pope Innocent VIII issued a decree that put the Vatican’s official stamp, yet again, on cat hatred, declaring it to be an unholy creature. Rats were the ones that spread the bubonic plague aka black death. The goddess Freya in her chariot, pulled by two powerful cats. He demanded that, whenever a witch was burned, her pet cat (if she had one) was to be burned with her. During the Middle Ages, cats were associated with witches and witchcraft. Desmond Morris is a world-renowned zoologist and television presenter, and the author of many bestselling books on human and animal behavior. Toward the end of the 15th century Pope Innocent VIII issued a decree that put the Vatican’s official stamp, yet again, on cat hatred, declaring it to be an unholy creature.

Reprinted with permission from Cats in Art by Desmond Morris, published by Reaktion Books Ltd. ©2017 by Desmond Morris. Perhaps a typo. Can you come up with any more? The views expressed by authors in their interviews and guest posts are not necessarily shared by me.

During the Spanish Inquisition, he declared cats to be evil. The rise in the number of rats running rampant only led to the Black Death hitting harder. I opted for lighter material. I am assuming I was looking at 1432 and for some reason hit 1232.

What happened to them may cause you to think twice before you eat anything that was grown in a garden. Don was in California for his sister’s wake. Anyway, if the fall killed the cat, they would have successfully taken away at least one of the cat’s nine lives. This legend claims that after Noah had all of the food stored on the ark, he needed to find a way to protect this food from the rats and other critters, so he prayed to God.

It was believed that on this day witches could turn themselves—by shape-shifting—into black cats to carry out evil deeds.

He has imposed some severe rules on lay persons teaching in Catholic schools.

This declaration led to the mass murder of cats which led to a drastic rise in the rat population.

Good people were burned at the stake. Enough.

In the 21st century the parade—called the Kattenstoet—continues, but it is staged only once every three years. No.
During the Middle Ages, they became associated with witches, and some were even burned. All Rights Reserved.

Nautilus is a different kind of science magazine. By the way, those of you who would like for your cats to have the protection of the goddess Bastet can email the Cat Museum of San Francisco to have them placed under her protective paw.

Cat playing the bagpipes, from a Book of Hours, Paris, c. 1640. Innocent was not Pope in 1432. The attack on black cats spread all over Europe, and thousands were put to death by devout Christians who believed that the screams of the dying cats were in reality the cries of the Devil.
Or have you seen the damage they can inflict in a room when trying to catch a moth or some other bug? Without cats, the rat population flourished. Cats got involved.

fStop Images - Caspar Benson / Getty Images Some art makes a lot of sense.

If you purchase items through any of them, you have my gratitude.

Socially speaking, their executions served to rid local communities of awkward eccentrics who refused to join in with normal village activities. This household goddess would not only protect women, children, and cats against venomous creatures, but she just did a bit more. I am not referring to the Inquisition which speaks for itself. This sect had taken its inspiration from the legend of the Nordic goddess of sexuality, Freya, written down in 1220.

If we look at a painting or a photograph of a gorgeous view, its beauty feels…, Jialiang Gao / Wikimedia Commons The so-called “year without a summer,” 1816, was bleak, if not strangely gothic. How did Innocent VIII declare this in 1232 when he was pope in 1432?

Recommended Article: Lepidopterophobia and a Kaleidoscope of Butterflies, Tags:a clowder of cats a cluster of cats a clutter of cats a cuddle of cats a destruction of cats a dout of cats a dowt of cats a glaring of cats a kindle of cats a litter of cats a pounce of cats Bastet Black Death Cat Museum of San Francisco Collective Nouns Egypt Egyptians Eye of Ra feline goddess of family fertility and love goddess of war and pestilence goddesses Hebrew legend household goddess Lisa Binion Middle Ages Noah Pope Innocent VIII protective paw Sekhmet Spanish Inquisition Stephen Helmes witchcraft witches writing prompts, Your email address will not be published. For the Church, they added a valuable fear factor that helped to stop people from straying from strict religious practices. Actually, I see a lot more than one.

This week a bit of humor. Of course, you could also just call them “a clutter of cats.”, a cluster of cats – A cluster is simply a group of similar items together. When two, three, or more of them glare at me over their empty food tray, it makes me think that they are going to attack if I don’t feed them.

Lip the same. a litter of cats – Since a litter is the offspring of an animal, I think this collective noun should be used to describe a group of kittens. And the list goes on and on and on.

Cat burning and other forms of cat hating have survived the centuries since. Pope Innocent VIII came to power in the late 1400s, during the throes of witch crusades in Western Europe. The world is heavy and my columns have been heavy lately. Nautilus publishes a new chapter of feature stories on its monthly theme, every Thursday.Sign up to this list to stay up to date on the latest and greatest. Because the powers that be dictated that the cat composed one of the main identifiers of a witch, the Church officially excommunicated the entire species. In 16th-century Holland an evil cat appeared in the company of a curious anti-saint known as “Saint” Aelwaer. In reality, most were no more than eccentric old women who lived alone and whose only companions were their cats. Back better, but not there yet. He could not have caused the plague by condemning cats, unless of course he was a witch with time travel powers.

Ergo, I was searching the internet for situations where the Catholic Church did something wrong which resulted in pain and suffering to many.

I wrote this blog some time ago. This declaration led to the mass murder of cats which led to a drastic rise in the rat population.

A common scene found in tomb paintings shows a cat seated beneath a woman’s chair.

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