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For years overshadowed by the more famous output of European and North American designers, Latin American design is finally taking centre stage. They mix various materials which give an exceptional design. Boutique NOMAD Tours - 37000 - Chinez, achetez en ligne... En mettant à l’honneur l’upcycling et en le mariant à une... Vous pouvez vous désinscrire à tout moment.

Embracing colour and idiosyncratic, sculptural forms, mid-century-modern design offered a more relaxed alternative to strictly functionalist early 20th-Century modernism. Menu. Cobalt blue accessories in 3 Mundos design store in La Barra complete with overhanging paper mache cow! Friends of ours we met in Jakarta, an Australian couple and their three children, have lived in Sydney, London, Indonesia and now Singapore. In some ways, their work represents a break from the Brazilian mid-century modernists in that they show no interest in using high-quality Brazilian wood: their iconic 1990s Favela chair is made of raw wood chips. Je peux me désinscrire à tout moment (voir Mentions Légales). This view accords with one theory that Rodman Primack, chief creative officer of Design Miami/, has for why Latin American furniture is popular. “We were interested in how he reimagined architecture in Brazil, which led us to travel there and discover work by Tenreiro, Rodrigues and Zanine Caldas.”, Brazilian modern design is truly the last great discovery of mid-century furniture – Rodman Primack. Tenreiro, who was born in Portugal, and moved to Rio in the 1920s, created work  that bridges a European modernist aesthetic with more ruggedly sculptural Brazilian qualities. But the region’s furniture and homeware are being recognised for what they are – an important part of the mid-century design canon. Feel free to New ideas were being generated in Latin America in the postwar years and are proliferating once again in the 21st Century.

The actual city is quite breathtaking architecturally, so many buildings with gorgeous wrought iron curly balconies, many unfortunately in need of serious tender loving care, but like Montevideo, there never seems to be enough government money to spend on giving these cities the facelift they desperately need. One of the bonuses of visiting expat homes is being able to admire unique pieces on display AND hear the great stories behind them. Nomad by, vous propose une sélection de produits de la collection Nomad by et réalisés par des artisans de talent rencontrés en France, Inde, Thailande, Laos, Indonésie, Tibet. Overall they’ve created a timeless, comfortable space for their family, incorporating their furniture, artwork and decor from various countries without any sense of stuffiness but with an excellent fusion of good taste and practicality. Notre boutique utilise des cookies pour améliorer l'expérience utilisateur et nous vous recommandons.

The old Dutch rattan chair was picked up at a street market in Jakarta, A black and white ‘memory wall’ featuring photographs from past adventures is a wonderful way to remind the family of where they’ve been, The downstairs library/study with bookshelves and desk made in Indonesia.

And the glass backboard in the kitchen can be written on with black marker as a handy reminder of grocery items, The ‘formal’ lounge is a riot of colour thanks to custom-made bookshelves and a rich red lounge, set off by the stunning blue portrait over the fireplace, Another view of the main lounge room, leading into the piano room, The classic wingback chair used to be our parents and my sister has had it covered with a quirky flamingo patterned upholstery. L'emblématique Seiko "Alpinist", intégrée à la collection Prospex en 2020 avec le logo Prospex « X » sur son cadran. Cette cachette 5 étoiles nichée face au Mont Ventoux lance ses retraites bien-être et nutrition sur-mesure, qui répond à une quête du « mieux-vivre ». We propose you an original quality handmade selection. The Cape Cod style house has been renovated extensively since they bought it 20 years ago. What lies beyond is in direct contrast to the rather modest entrance gate. Enrich your life with beauty that is environmentally + ethically responsible.

And, arguably, Latin American furniture is one of the most expressive branches of mid-century design: its chunky, sculptural, often hand-made forms were fashioned from indigenous woods, such as jacaranda (a type of rosewood) in rich, syrupy hues, leather and rattan.

Still I was not distracted from focusing on interior design and all that a great Latin American city such as Buenos Aires could offer. Natural stones like amethyst are hugely popular as there are local mines in Uruguay – they make great design pieces for a dining/living room. The villa is tucked away down a long narrow road behind a few shops off the main drag.

Venant tout juste d'inaugurer son spa, l'impressionnant Palazzo Versace de Dubaï donne une belle définition de l'opulence. It was Rodrigues’ favourite design, and demonstrates his mastery of craft and proportion.”, The Campana Brothers rejected functionalism, creating utterly wayward, eccentric work, In fact, the relationship between avant-garde, mid-century Latin American architecture and furniture is partly responsible for the renewed interest in South American design. Snacking on empanadas and dodging the slightly decrepit pavements on a particularly warm summer day, I managed to manoeuvre my way through the backstreets of some of the more charming barrios (or neighbourhoods) of BsAs. or head to your And like the mid-century modernists, the Campana Brothers rejected functionalism and took things even further, creating utterly wayward, eccentric work. “PALAVER CHAIR” PAR PATRICIA URQUIOLA. I witnessed dozens of  trucks unloading fabulous beach clothing, furniture and homewares into the shi-shi boutique stores scattered along the coastline. And, since the 1980s, younger designers, notably the São Paulo-based Campana Brothers, have upheld this tradition, creating work that prioritises form over function. While enjoying a cool drink in a piazza in San Telmo, I was delighted to see a couple tangoing slowly and sensually in the warm sunshine, oblivious to the crowd that gathered around them to clap and cheer them on.

Crafted by experience means a great deal to Nomad Design Tackle, more than just a phrase, it’s been hard earned through decades of experienceon the water It’s such a fabulous city, full of life, wonderful beaches and multicultural food combined with an easygoing feel that makes me homesick every time I visit ! Antique clocks, Caesar and a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk – what a combination! Owned and designed by Aaron Hojman, the boutique hotel made up of just 8 rooms looks like a modern warehouse with its facade covered in huge sheets of zinc sheeting, but once you step through the old wooden doors it’s a very different story. Aaron is also the owner of the well-known antique store the Trading Post in La Barra where dusty shelves are piled high with industrial light fixtures, traditional Uruguayan wooden furniture, vintage items and all types of bric a brac. All the better to remember their memories from past adventures and add more in any future journeys. Keen musicians, the family has taken most of their musical instruments with them on their international moves.

During the days it’s open, Casa Deco allows the public to sit and listen to the latest happenings in the design and architectural industry with talks from major players and it also supplies a great bar to relax and have a bite to eat or enjoy a glass of wine or two! nomad design, inc. crafts projects that fuse the lifestyle of the client with unique elements of the environment. Meanwhile, at Design Miami/, New York gallery R & Company, which also sells Scandinavian and Italian mid-century furniture, will display Rodrigues’ Mesa Parker pine dining table and 10 pine-and-cane dining chairs, created in 1978. Mi-cloche dans sa forme, mi-bouteille dans son allure de contenant, la lampe est entourée d’un carcan de cuir piqué, à l’image de l’iconique “Sac de randonnée” de la maison, et diffuse une lumière ouatée à travers son verre opaque. The tall chairs have an anthropomorphic air, suggesting people seated around a table. Gilet et robe en laine et coton mélangé, boucles d’oreilles en métal, cuissardes en cuir d’agneau, valises en édition limitée peintes à la main par Christian Charrière, Louis Vuitton.

I’ve been to Bali many times before and often the accommodation can be very similar. “Part of what drives collectors is the new worlds they discover through collecting. De circonstance. Visite guidée. I didn’t get a chance to see too many  homes while in town as was too busy sunning myself on the beach and catching up with friends and family, however I did manage to snap some photos of my sister’s home in the leafy northern Sydney suburb of Castlecrag. A l'aide d'un peu de feuillage accompagné de fleurs... Avec sa forme généreuse et simple, le GRAND ABAT-JOUR RÉVERSIBLE vous permettra de conjuguer artisanat et design contemporain pour créer une... Chaises vintage des années 1960République Tchèque, Enfilade FRANTISEK MEZULANIK pour UB BUCOVICE 1960, CHAISES VINTAGE POUR KOVONA EN ACIER TUBULAIRE 1960. - RCS Paris 331 532 176 - Le tout imaginé par la fine fleur du design international : d’India Mahdavi à Oki Sato (comprenez le designer japonais de Nendo) en passant par les frères Fernando et Humberto Campana, Marcel Wanders ou Patricia Urquiola, chacun est mandaté par Louis Vuitton pour étendre, année après année, le lexique des “Objets nomades”. The family has made great use of combining Asian decor with a decidedly fresh Australian feel.

Some of the stores I entered have this incredible layout of whitewashed floors and walls with the back of the shop either open to the sensational beach views or ceiling to floor windows, crisp and clean and oh-so inviting.

My friend once told that she was an advocate of keeping sofas a few inches off the floor as it helps maintain a cooler feel in the tropics and I wholeheartedly agree. For more information, visit Design Miami  and ESPASSO. Ils mixent des matières qui donnent un design exceptionnel.
Standing two stories tall with handsome black and white awnings shading the iron trimmed windows, it soon became clear this was no ordinary antique store!

Tenreiro created many pieces for celebrated Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, whose aesthetic was similarly organic.

They learn about a country’s history, culture, its design language and get excited about finding out more,” he says. The stunning black, white and red pen and ink drawing of a Native American headdress has special significance as it was done by Elizabeth Snow, a friend of the family.

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