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Friends of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge > FOMR Blog > Photography > Basin and Range Topography. The situation is so bad that they even range far above timberline in the adjacent Pioneer Mountains, Idaho’s second highest mountain range. SECTOR. The Oquirrhs are located on the eastern edge of the Great Basin ecoregion (40.5°N, 112.2°W) and range in elevation from 1,280 m to 3,200 m. Annual precipitation varied from 35 cm to 130 cm and mean monthly temperatures ranged from −2.4° C in January to 22.2° C in July ( Ashcroft et al. An ADA accessible interpretive display is located at the Howard's Gulch Campground. Ibex Dunes, Death Valley National Park -- Fringe-toed lizards Ivanpah Valley, San Bernardino County, California. 1992 ). It covers 400km2, slightly larger than the entire country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Tulare Basin hosts an amazing concentration of endangered, threatened, or sensitive animal species, including nine invertebrates, three amphibians, five reptiles, 42 birds, and 13 mammals. It is gray, brown, or black and generally active only after full darkness. Wildlife

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