how fast do bluegill grow in a pond

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Big Bluegill Mistake #2: Stocking competing species for forage. And, if bluegill had mouths like bass, they would – but remember that tiny mouth. If your GOAL is mostly bigger bass, you can keep some bigger bluegill each year. Chairs & Stools The record for the largest caught bluegill weighed a whopping four pounds and 12 ounces. The amount of information, and the management resources, available to any serious ‘giller today dwarfs what was out there when I started working with ponds. I found another issue of Fishing Facts about feeding bluegill pellet food. Cover is key for growing big bass – without cover for your forage, the bass will be able to chase down too many of the forage fish and eventually deplete them so that there’s not enough food to go around, and growth stops. Stocking shad or shiners or tilapia puts a double-whammy on your pond for bluegill size. Think of the bass as aspiring runway models, and you’re giving them that slender figure that models yearn for. easily dispense via an automatic fish feeder. Without pellet feeding there just won’t be as many fish but with proper HARVEST they will trend toward bigger and better quality fish. Compare the dark tipped scale pattern of fish in the 1st and last BG picture in the thread. Bluegill, on the other hand, have one of the smallest mouths of any freshwater fish, and this small mouth size limits what they can eat, even larger specimens. A twelve-inch largemouth can eat bigger food items than any bluegill that ever swam. Optimal conditions for big bass are the worst possible conditions for big bluegill and vice versa. The author stated that most fisheries scientists that he knew had only a passing interest in bass, because their true passion was catching trophy bluegill. Many bluegill anglers even use this indicator to determine which public waters to fish for the bulls – when they find a water body with loads of stunted largemouth, they know there’s a good chance bruiser ‘gills are present. Big Bluegill Mistake #1: Worrying about bass size. Here’s an easy way to think about it: the state of Louisiana is further south than most of the state of Alabama, and probably has more water with dense cover than any other state; the state record bluegill is under two pounds. learn more about our automatic fish feeders, or check out our blog for more helpful tips on growing bigger fish faster. Texas Hunter Products It is similar to growing any animal crop, weather it is chickens, pigs or fish. Hunting Blinds If you don’t feed your fish, then realize that harvest and management are still very IMPORTANT to reduce fish crowding. Release many of the males and keep the females for improving overall bluegill size and growth of remaining fish. There were two lakes that had significant weedgrowth, and a third lake that had a preponderance of shallow water; these lakes had the largest bass and the poorest bluegill, while the deeper lakes with no vegetation and comparatively little cover had more small bass, and much larger bluegill. While bluegill in northern states typically grow a little slower, they live longer and can eventually get as big as southern bluegill where the warm season is 9 to 10 months instead of six. And, here again, if big bluegill are your goal, you need to take that bass thinking and flip it on its head. Why then do they insist that species that compete directly for food with bluegill can be stocked with no harm to the size structure of the bluegill? See something you like here? He is a moderator for the Pond Boss “Ask the Boss” discussion forum and highly respected for his experiences managing private waters. In a pond where bluegill are fed high-quality fish food pellets, harvest about 30% to 40% of the mid-size bluegill (which often amounts to 20 to 30 6-8” fish per acre per year). The average adult bluegill can reach lengths between six and 10 inches. Nutrition and an abundance of healthy food are essential for the growth and sustainability of your bluegill population. Pond Boss Forum Thread: Knowing what to look for to recognize male and female BG. Word got out quickly, and within a year of when the big ones showed up, the lake had been hammered with fishing pressure and the lake’s population of bruiser ‘gills had been decimated, never to recover. Sometimes these dark tipped scales extend back and down across the male's body as in the 1st picture by Bruce Condello in the link above. Within three years I was catching one-pound bluegill every trip at my two best ponds, and fish over a pound became common. you can use to grow even bigger bass, your first step is making sure they have plenty of high-quality food. Do you keep it or release it to grow larger? However, giant bluegill could continue to grow, depending on specific conditions inside your pond or lake. Seek more help from members of. If you don’t believe how much of a difference the food chain makes, my two best bluegill came from ponds that weren’t fed pellets at all – they simply had great food chains from being fertilized monthly from March through October, and high densities of bass being maintained at all times. You’re not starving them – you’re just lowering their incidence of heart disease and Type-II diabetes. A question we often get on the Pond Boss Forum is, “Should.. To aerate or not...Is it really a question? But the bluegill were pathetic. And shad, both threadfin and gizzard, are filter feeders: they’ll do the same thing in your pond that Asian carp have been reviled for doing in the Mississippi River, meaning they’ll cut your food chain off at the knees, taking away crucial nourishment from bluegill YOY and fry and intermediates. The average weight of the fish on the best trip was fourteen ounces. HARVEST of fish is IMPORTANT to keep them from becoming too abundant in any pond. Is your GOAL general good fishing for mostly keep-catching fun activity for your guests? If so, then keep the bluegill. Pond Boss magazine and pondboss.com. One of the best nutritional decisions you can make for your bluegill is feed pellets, which you can  But that was twenty-five years ago. You and your son are fishing in your new pond. Too many fish REDUCES amounts of available food per fish. Density is key. Bill Cody is a career aquatic taxonomy microbiologist with a leaning toward growing big fish in small waters. This philosophy of preserving larger fish is: “these are trophies are rarities of nature and should be appreciated and held in reverence. As the BG gets larger the gill flap increases in size proportional to an increase in body size. They may fish now and then for the bulls when they’re spawning, or when they take their kids fishing, but they don’t eat, sleep, and breathe this: And the way you get fish like the one above, is by having lots of these in the pond: Any good pond pro who has grown big bass will tell you how key density is in the process. One caveat: this subject has been, in my experience, not as cut-and-dried as mistakes #1 and #2. a reasonable estimate for what you can expect from a pond of well-fed, active and healthy bluegill. Pond owners often ask if they should build spawning areas for their bluegill. Shades vary between grey, copper-orange, purple and dark teal. I can almost always recognize a male bluegill by the size & shape of the gill flap and the dark tipped scales of the nape (forehead). Focus on keeping bluegill numbers low if you want to grow trophies. Density is key – even more important than supplemental feeding. I’ve caught Master-angler-size fish of several species, including the hallowed black bass; and, truth be told, I spent a great deal of time pursuing those glamour members of the sunfish clan up to my twenty-first year…. Visit our Forum to continue the discussion.

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