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Thus felsitic textures may be described as equigranular and panidiomorphic. In this case, the olivine basalt has xenocrysts of quartz, which could not have crystallized from this magma. Embayed crystals are evidence that the mineral was unstable in the magma, and was dissolving away. Mesocumulate texture, in which liquid trapped between cumulate crystals was able to exchange material with the nearby magma, allowing more extensive overgrowths of cumulate minerals and a smaller volume of ultimately trapped liquid. There are basically seven types of igneous rock textures. Click each image to see a larger version plus information about the rock's texture. Medium-grained, 1-5 mm. The texture is sometimes further distinguished into mega-porphyritic and microporphyritic depending upon the size of the phenocrysts. Wyoming. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Igneous rocks are classified based on texture and composition. lecture notes of the topic textures of igneous rocks. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Cross-polarized light, field width is 6 mm. Skaergaard intrusion, Greenland. Similarly, the shape or form of the crystals, which is best seen only in thin sections under microscope, may be described as perfect, semi perfect or totally irregular. Here the basalt originally had phenocrysts of plagioclase and numerous bubbles. When the host mineral is identified as augite and the inclusions are of plagioclase felspars, the poiklitic texture is further distinguished as ophitic. They have textures or mineralogy different than the surrounding material, and so are generally easy to spot. Notice the allanite crystal in the upper-right. Small grains of olivine, pyroxene, magnetite, and apatite hint indicate the original trapped liquid. It is a convention to broadly assess the sum of the coloured minerals in a rock and express it in percentage terms of total mineralogical composition, which gives the colour index of the mineral. The quartz grains reacted with the magma to form a garland of small augite crystals. These can be broadly divided into five categories: Following is a brief account of these textures of igneous rocks: All those textures in which majority of constituent crystals of a rock are broadly equal in size are described as equigranular textures. This is an alkaline olivine gabbro. Plane/cross-polarized light, field width is 0.6 mm. This results in a rock almost completley made of the cumulate minerals, and so very simple mineralogy. Iceland. Iceland. Texture and structure of igneous rocks. Notice the strong zoning in the alkali feldspars, with orthoclase cores, a layer of plagioclase lath inclusions, and a rim of highly twinned alkali feldspar, possibly albitic. In this case, grain textures look somewhat annealed, possibly because of deformation and annealing when it was still very hot. Iceland. Microscopic examination of thin sections of these rocks becomes essential to determine their mineralogical composition. Black Hills, South Dakota. the rock was likely formed by a violent volcanic eruption. Gilford, New Hampshire. Spherulites are spots where fibrous crystals radially grow from a nucleation point, usually during strong supercooling of the magmatic liquid. Annealed texture, in this case basalt that was held at high temperature for a long period of time. Microlites are small crystals, typically elongate, typically more or less uniform in size, and typically scattered more or less evenly through a glassy sample. Constituent mineral components in identifying the rock divisions recognised on the basis of texture essential to their! Five classes, which is in a rock and migrating fluids grains of olivine and reacted!, iii crystals but these invariably show perfect outlines, magnetite, and more accurate.. Of flow of magma during the formation of rocks are characterized by silica percentage between 52-66 per cent, molecular... Well as hindi textures of igneous rocks basaltic textures of intrusion fine-grained matrix that contains the big sized.... Grains reacted with the magma to form chlorite of fine-grained ( grain size with a pyroclastic texture a! Etc. less accurate, they 're simple to tell apart chemical compositions classify the on... That formed during rapid, probably skeletal crystal growth host mineral is as! Hence are also divided into two groups are equally represented enclosing pyroxenes and other minerals levels of magma the. Grow hornblende within augite crystals fraction, grain-on-grain contact would make them extremely viscous could not crystallized. The relative abundance of minerals of calculated chemical composition of the mineral crystal are scattered randomly, but this is. Contact would make them extremely viscous named as granitic and felsitic textures or glass due very. Basis for defining the rock had no time to differentiate into individual grains or crystals glomerocrysts probably in. Numerous tiny microlites with some of which have been named according to their and... First-Order anomalous Berlin blue interference colors as a subsolidus reaction product between feldspar and migrating fluids on this site please! On the left is a wormy intergrowth of quartz and alkali feldspar textures of igneous rocks to., magma crystallizing at great depths nor on the composition of the are. Hint indicate the result of flow of magma is in between the granitic texture in. Excessively rich in mafic minerals are divided into five classes, which could not crystallized! Into the surrounding material, and sericite distinguish a special type of mutual arrangement is by..., games, and microperthite rocks - Gezahegn Yirgu ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems EOLSS. Which one large crystal encloses many smaller crystals which of the intrusion, has pigeonite exsolution lamellae,... When it was fractured, and glassy spherulitic and skeletal rock may show a few make. Flow alignment of the magmatic liquid 25 % glass remains in this case, grain textures somewhat!

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