get out of someone's hair origin

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keep an eye out for = watch for someone or something: “Keep an eye out for the next turning on the left.” eye up = look at someone because you think they look nice: “Whenever she goes to a club, she always gets eyed up by older men.” have your eye on something / someone = want someone or something: “I’ve got my eye on a new computer.” Thanks for connecting! At times, the ships would get stuck during the winter because of ice formation. As in, "Whoops, I walked into the girl's locker room, and I'm a man. Send us your question at history@time .

So is that true? To give someone a hard time. The color can be from the very pale blond (caused by a patchy, scarce distribution of pigment) to reddish "strawberry" blond or golden-brownish ("sandy") blond colors (the latter with more eumelanin). As in, "Let's get down to the nitty-gritty, home skillet.". It dates back at least to ancient Greeks and Romans, and according to archaeologist Elizabeth Bartman, even despite the Ancient Greek ideal of a “bearded, long-haired philosopher,” women in that society still had longer hair than men regularly did. This is another idiom whose history is contentious, but as a comedy website you'll have to work hard to talk us out of this one, since it radically changes the classic idea of a Roman bathhouse orgy from a swinging good time to the largest collection of unintentional Dirty Sanchez's ever. Origin: No, you didn’t already know this one, because it didn’t originate from Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Then they'll rush in, and then we've got 'em by the short hairs!".

“[It is] almost universally culturally found that women have longer hair than men,” says Kurt Stenn, author of Hair: a Human History.

Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Historian Robert Bartlett has noted that in 1094 “Archbishop Anselm of Canterbury refused to give ashes or his blessing to those young men who ‘grew their hair like girls’ unless they had their hair cut.” Even in the mid-20th century, after women with short hair were less surprising, American men and boys had to fight for the right to grow out their locks. By the time the babies got in, the water was clouded with filth. We here at Cracked are pleased as punch (see what we did there?) It's just too bad that as regal and dignifying as the chops were for our founding fathers they only made hippies in the '60s seem like unwashed piles of tie-dyed failures.

Anyway, there's no hard and fast proof for any of them so take your pick.

When negotiating peace, the Native Americans would bury all their hatchets, knives, clubs, and tomahawks. Meaning: To be caught in the act of doing something wrong. Punch punches Judy until she dies This is the stuff that white trash dreams are made of. If you have the chops in question and you are not one of these three, please, shave now or prepare to have them busted. Punch goes to prison and escapes using a golden key (strangely, he doesn't kill the prison) The truth of the phrase is that it likely just refers to carpenters and tailors who, without a ruler handy, would just measure things in thumb-lengths. A torrential rain. He kills Death, as in, the Grim Reaper In these strange times, humans for some reason didn't want their pets shitting in their homes and so they were always kept outside. Origin: Early Americans, during the colonial times, would ask their servants to rub their oak floorboards “the right way”. “Inferences and judgments about a person’s morality, sexual orientation, political persuasion, religious sentiments and, in some cultures, socio-economic status,” she notes, “can sometimes be surmised by seeing a particular hairstyle.”, Stenn, a former professor of pathology and dermatology at Yale who was also the director of skin biology at Johnson & Johnson, believes that health is perhaps the root cause of hair’s significance. Cracked is published by Literally Media Ltd., Underwhelming AF Deaths Of Major Villains, "Get Out" Star, Daniel Kaluuya Shares More Details on Gritty 'Barney' Reboot, The Sad, Creepy, Tale Of India's Fake Royal Family In A Dead Palace, 10 Deals on Pocket-Sized Items You'll Never Want to Leave The House Without, Let's Unpack That Bonkers 'Die Hard' Commercial, People, We Need To Wash Our Hands To Stop Spreading Coronavirus (Not All The Other Stupid Crap You're Doing), 5 Things You Love That The People Who Made Them Despise, from US military statements claiming no such limbless soldiers existed, 7 Bullshit Police Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies), The 5 Most Fun Things You Can Do With Bad Video Game Weapons.

A common or ubiquitous benchmark.

Others claim it goes all the way back to Norse mythology (the storm god Odin had two hounds). Again, it's a yes and no answer. As in, "The new supervisor got his dick caught in the copier again. Published on March 1, 2010. But it makes sense, if you're walking around with your hand on some guy's pubes while he shovels your walk, aren't you the loser there? From America to England, Russia to ... some other place even further away than Russia, the civilized global population couldn't get enough of these peninsula-shaped patches of hair.

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No. Not only that, but they also bathed in the same water without changing it! Nitty-gritty commonly gets paired with "picnic" (which was said to have been a reference to lynching) in the realm of seemingly benign words that have full-blown (and probably incorrect) racist origins. The devout would throw butter balls at the statues of their gods to seek favor and forgiveness. Meaning: Being unwelcoming or antisocial toward someone, Origin: In medieval England, it was customary to give a guest a cold piece of meat from the shoulder of mutton, pork, or beef chop when the host felt it was time for the guest to leave.

This gesture showed affiliation and understanding between two territories. Change your default dictionary to American English. In case you didn’t know, historical events, legends, important figures, religion, and even advertisements form the basis of many expressions used today.

In 17th century France, poisoning occurred among hat makers who used mercury for the hat felt. Nose definition, the part of the face or facial region in humans and certain animals that contains the nostrils and the organs of smell and functions as the usual passageway for air in respiration: in humans it is a prominence in the center of the face formed of bone and cartilage, serving also to modify or modulate the voice. Can You Truly Focus When Current Events Distract You? In the early 1500s, people only bathed once a year. We know what you're feeling right now: betrayal, bewilderment and utter disappointment.

We made that one up because, as we stated, the reference to pubic hair has no history. Roman women kept their hair long and tended to part it down the center, and a man devoting too much attention to his hair “risked scorn for appearing effeminate.” The Bible carried on the tradition. So, how does "Pleased as punch" come out of a killing spree perpetuated by a puppet? Now Means:

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6. Now Means: Blond or fair hair is a hair color characterized by low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin.The resultant visible hue depends on various factors, but always has some yellowish color. When engaged in war there are times when emergency surgery is needed: Legs have to come off or deeply-buried bullets need to come out.

(What a treat for the cats! It's full of little sayings and idioms that on their face make no sense at all, and if traced back to their origins are downright horrifying. So, we'll just move on and call this a complete lie.

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