durham colliery

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Sacriston Colliery Gordon House Colliery [3] Hindon East Drift Norwood Drift Head Pit Harperley Colliery Elvet Colliery Evenwood Colliery

Malton Hilltop Colliery Lead Mill Colliery Hamsteels Colliery continued to operate until closure in the 1920s when Stanley Sadler, a Teesside industrialist acquired small drift mining interests here and named Clifford and Ethel drift mines after his son and daughter.

Grange Drift Middridge Grange [Colliery]

Ferry Hill Old Pit Tanfield Moor Colliery (Willy Pit) Hamsteels Wetherhill [Pit]

Cornsay Colliery

Old Shield Pit Polka Pit Bolden Colliery

Low Whain [Colliery] Brandon Pithouse [Colliery] Blackburn Fell Drift

Hedley If you know of any fatalities missing from the above list then please

Old Etherley Colliery (Jane Pit) Usworth Colliery Horden Colliery

Manor Wallsend Old Pit

Earthwork traces of a large, rectangular fortified manor house called Castlesteads lie just to the east alongside the site of a medieval chapel. Tudhoe Park Colliery Swalwell Garesfield [Colliery]

Pontop South Colliery West Crane Row [Colliery] Pit House [Colliery]

Chapple [Colliery]

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Waldridge Common [Colliery] Tudhoe Mill [Colliery] East Howle Colliery

Lyons Colliery Hebburn [Colliery]

Shotton Grange Colliery Newton Cap Spring Pit [2] 1848 - Sunk the Old Durham Colliery, near to Shincliffe Mill, from the surface to the Hutton Seam. Spennymoor Close [Colliery] East Hetton Kelloe North [Colliery]

Parson Byers Quarry [Colliery] Eldon John Henry Pit [2] Alfred Pit

Railey Fell Colliery Witton-le-Wear Colliery North Biddick Little [Colliery] Boyne Colliery

Cornsay [Colliery] (Royal George [Pit])

Eighth Pit Gill Pit Coundon Grange These adverts enable local businesses to get in front of their target audience – the local community. Lumley Colliery (9th Pit) West Edward Pit

Hetton West [Pit] 2 [Pit]

Saw Pit Ryton Hartley Colliery

Chapter Main Colliery

East Stanley 7th Pit Holborn [Colliery] Penshaw Greencroft (det) High Drift [1] Stockley

Mill Pit Belmont Colliery

Hamsteels Clifford [Pit]

New Carterthorne Colliery Victoria Garesfield Colliery Stubble Pit Hetton Colliery

Nicholson's Pit See our search Post Office Drift North Crane Row [Colliery] Escomb

North Ryton [Colliery] Charlotte Pit Ingleton Moor [Colliery] Tyne Main Colliery [2]

South Hetton Colliery Whitfield Pit [1] Inspector of Mines, 1869 Mines Inspectors Report (C 124), South Durham District by John J. Atkinson, H.M. Garesfield Ruler [Pit] Crawcrook

High Woodifield [Colliery] Holmside and South Moor Collieries West Lucy Pit

West Hunwick Colliery Esh Dan's Castle Pit Pelton

Middridge Colliery Latter Day Saint Pit

Akleyheads Pit Oswald Pit West Pelton Colliery (Handenhold Pit)

Annabella Drift 'angling' New Penshaw Pit

Woodhouse Close New Colliery Andrewshouse Colliery Barlowfield Drift [1] Cassop Colliery Willington [Colliery] (A Pit)

Alice Drift [1] Hutton [Colliery] Some of the names of mining fatalities on this web site have been kindly provided by Kimblesworth Colliery Black Horse Colliery

White Lea [Colliery] South Butterknowle Colliery

Wigglesworth Colliery Low Flatts [Colliery] Craig Lea Pit

Mercie Drift

Dawdon Rowley Gillet and Rowley farmhouses lie immediately to the west of the estate and include several interesting archaeological remains. Knitsley Drift Annabella Pit Antrim Adelaide [Colliery] Fields were enclosed here in the mid-1700s when Britain was at war with the French Canadians and Quebec may have been a topical name. Nelly Pit Trimdon Colliery Fredericks West Pit Letch Pit Witton Drift Several other earthworks can be found nearby and it is probable that the area was occupied from ancient times.

Tudhoe Colliery Meadows Pit

Cowen's Garesfield [Colliery]

All the sites are scheduled ancient monuments and protected by law. Quarry Pit [2] Holmside and Southmoor Collieries Oswald Pit Blakely Colliery Garesfield Ash Tree [Colliery] Etherley Lane Pit

Sunderland Bridge [Colliery]

Conside Pits

Broomshields [Colliery] Job's Hill Colliery Collieries: Collieries : Select the initial letter of the colliery required from the menu above, details of the information we have on file for collieries starting with that letter will be displayed.

Ryhope Colliery Teesside Colliery [2] Crawcrook [Colliery] Metal Bridge Drift Elizabeth [Colliery]

Yew Tree Drift, Place/Township: Conside [Colliery] Sherburn Hill Low Main [Pit]

Chilton Colliery New Morley Colliery

Main Drift Spring Gardens Colliery Craghead William [Colliery] Collierley Silksworth Colliery High Cold Knott Colliery Ushaw Colliery Derwent Colliery (D Pit) He died immediately on his removal from the pit, Thompson, Hugh, 17 Feb 1873, aged 41, Hewer, killed by a fall of stone, Todd, Robert, 19 Feb 1870, aged 66, Hewer, killed by a fall of stone, Wandless, Richard, 16 Jan 1871, aged 16, Putter, got entangled with hauling ropes. West Hutton [Colliery]

Rickless Coal Drift

The colliery came into being in 1867 and was initially called Taylor Pit. Langley Park Colliery [1] High Wham [Colliery]

Greenhead No. Blaydon Cowens [Colliery]

Blaydon Main Milner [Pit] South Wingate Colliery Brusselton Beaumont Drift

Crake Scar Colliery [1]

Fatfield Colliery Copeland House [Colliery] Whitburn Marsden [Colliery] Lound Groove [Colliery] Wingate Shotton Colliery Meadowfield Pit Judith Pit Humber Hill Brockwell Drift Cowsley Colliery

This would also explain the name of a farm called Greenland, half a mile to the north east. Frankland Pit

Fortune Pit

Ridley Gill [Colliery] Sacriston Five Quarter Drift Moorhill Drift

Hedley's Colliery Phoenix Pit Bradley Cottages Drift

Greenside Pit Moor Pit

Urpeth Colliery Tanfield Inspector of Mines, 1878 Mines Inspectors Report (C 2321), Durham District by Thomas Bell, H.M. Castle Eden Maria [Colliery] East Murton Hylton (Fulwell) [Colliery] Lintz Anna [Pit] Pontop Pit Sherburn Hill Colliery Stargate Pit

Witton Junction [Colliery]

Farnacres Colliery Broom

Whitburn Crook Colliery

Bildershaw Drift South Moor Colliery (William Pit) If you are dissatisfied with the response provided you can contact IPSO here. Harvey Drift South Bitchburn Pit

Bishop Auckland Woodside Colliery Pheasant Drift

Cragg Wood Colliery

Thorne Colliery Fence Houses [Colliery] Tennets [Colliery]

Lutterington Colliery Michael Pit Hargill Hill [Colliery]

Hedleyhill Colliery Martinfield Harvey Drift

Barlowfield Drift [2] Helen Park Cockfield Fell Main [Colliery]

West Pelton Colliery Grange Colliery Lower Westgarth Drift Whitworth Park Colliery [1] Yes Quarry Pit [1] Findon Hill [Colliery]

. Shield Row Coronation Drift

Annie Pit [1] Southmoor Colliery (Old and New Louisa Pits) South Moor Colliery

Middlestone Broompark Colliery

Nettlesworth Dene Drift Beamish Colliery (East Stanley Pit)

Grewburn Drift

Collierley (det) Pittington Colliery Middridge Grange New House [Colliery] Easington Colliery is een civil parish in het bestuurlijke gebied Durham, in het Engelse graafschap Durham met 5022 inwoners.

Eden Pit

Greenhead Colliery also include a photograph of the deceased. Derwenthaugh [Colliery] Harraton Picktree [Colliery] Broomshields Drift West Thickley

Old Etherley Colliery (Phoenix Pit)

Morley Main [Pit]

Stanley East Pit Collierley [Colliery] East Thickley [Colliery] near to Old Durham Colliery, Shincliffe, St. Mary the Virgin on 03 Sep 1869 {NBI}, (Sheet 88) NZ292415, 54° 46' 3" N, 1° 32' 45" W, 1854 List of mines by T. Y.

South Trimdon Colliery Cornsay Pelton Moor Colliery also finds 'angle'): Word Variations: Rumby Hill Colliery Pelton Colliery Escomb Colliery Barony Inspector of Mines, 1865 Mines Inspectors Report, South Durham District by John J. Atkinson, H.M.

Pontop Pike [Colliery] Deaf Hill Colliery

Stanley Drift Seaham Bessie Pit [2] Old Upper Heworth Colliery Colepike Colliery

Seaham Colliery

Dean Drift The whole area may have belonged to the powerful De Esh family of Esh village, but nothing is known of its history. Burnhope & Hamsteels Woodland.

Riding Drift

Hazelwell Drift

Mossy Burn [Colliery] Thinford Grange [Colliery] Whitwell House Stawgate Pit

A farm building just to the north gave its name to the village and was named after the famous Canadian City. Hedleyhope Garesfield Towneley [Pit] Rawlings [Colliery] Find information about the collieries in the Durham coalfield. South Durham Colliery [2] Lambton Colliery

Old White Lea [Colliery]

Stanley East [Colliery] Steel House [Colliery] 2 Pit Pity Me Pit

Hobson Pit

Wheatbottom [Colliery] Hilton Moor [Colliery] Heugh Hall Colliery Nettlesworth Colliery [2] Redheugh Colliery William Pit Westholme Colliery Treston Colliery

Iveston Villagers [Colliery] Humber Hill Busty Drift Springwell Vale [Colliery] Thornley Coundon Gate Pit Dean and Chapter Colliery Blaydon Burn Colliery

Langley (det) Crake Scar Colliery [2] Nettlesworth Water Level Drift Bush Blades [Colliery]

Finchale Colliery

Washington B Pit Rowan Tree Colliery East Townley [Colliery]