doge miner 2 console commands

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Specify zero to disable control and hide GPU statistics. Specify values 2..5 if it is too often. When a block is “solved,” it will pay out a random number of coins that fall within the set limits. “-r 1” closes miner and execute “reboot.bat” file (“reboot.bash” or “reboot.sh” for Linux version) in the miner directory (if exists) if some GPU failed. Reduces mining intensity, useful if your cards are overheated. If not specified or zero, miner will not change current clock speed. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. -etht Time period between Ethereum HTTP requests for new job in solo mode, in milliseconds. The most low GPU load is “-ethi 0”. You also should specify non-zero value for “-tt” option to enable this option. Once you have managed to track down a GPU (or five), you’re going to need some way to connect them to the Dogecoin network and start mining. Both programs are similar, and both serve to lend your GPU’s processing power to the current Dogecoin block. -fanmax set maximal fan speed, in percents, for example, “-fanmax 80” will set maximal fans speed to 80%. thanks . It’s also worth bearing in mind that pools deal out dogecoin rewards based on how many people were contributing and how much they were contributing at the time the block was solved. Dogeminer: a Game for the Dogecoin Community, Intro to Bitcoin event in Santa Monica Thurs, Kaleido brings blockchain technology to the masses, [Opinion] The World through Doge Colored Glasses, Dogecoin Paper Wallet for Chinese New Year, A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Cryptocurrency. To avoid it, miner reserves a bit larger GPU buffer at startup, so it can process several epochs without buffer reallocation. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. -r >20 – restart miner if something wrong with GPU or by timer. It’s time to find a pool and set up a worker! Such mine! You can also specify values for every card, for example “-ttdcr 80,85,80”. -fanmin set minimal fan speed, in percents, for example, “-fanmin 50” will set minimal fans speed to 50%. Just head over to Dogecoin.com and select your operating system. If missed, default file name will be used. Note: for NVIDIA cards this option is not supported. It simply does the clicking for you, and keeps track of your progress. Slave Kittens Kittens to post cute videos to the internet for dogecoin. To get to the next planet after Mars it costs 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Trillion dogecoins. -mclock set target GPU memory clock speed, in MHz. It is a good idea to set “-ttli” value higher than “-tt” value by 3-5C. -dcrt Time period between Decred/Siacoin HTTP requests for new job, in seconds. Note: The miner supports all Stratum versions for Ethereum, HTTP mode is necessary for solo mining only. This setting defines how many epochs miner must foresee when it reserves GPU buffer, i.e. console.chart () - pass any of the following arrays … -dpsw Password for Decred/Siacoin/Lbry pool. Until you can afford the Space Rocket and go to The Moon. -eworker Worker name, it is required for some pools. -lidag low intensity mode for DAG generation, it can help with OC or weak PSU. Miner supports all pools that are compatible with Dwarfpool proxy and accept Ethereum wallet address directly. This can take a while, primarily because there is so much data. -li low intensity mode. Cgminer will show you your hashrate, accepted shares, GPU temperature, and other relevant information. Optimal settings are different for every graphics card, so be sure you’ve got the right ones. If you want to clear old log data, file name must contain “noappend” string. -cclock set target GPU core clock speed, in MHz. It is a good idea to set “-ttdcr” value higher than “-tt” value by 3-5C. -mvddc set target GPU memory voltage, multiplied by 1000. For example, “-ttli 80” reduces mining intensity if GPU temperature is above 80C. Supported values are 0, 1, 2, 3, more value means lower intensity. You can also specify values for every card, for example “-dcri 30,100,50”. GPU indexes in temperature control sometimes don’t match GPU indexes in mining! 0 is default. Thresholds increase after certain requirements are met, and finally, after the last threshold is met, Dogebot stops buying and prepares for launch. Dogebot will leave you messages when cool things happen, along with the time played at the time the message was posted. You can also turn on/off cards in runtime with “0”…”9″ keys and check current statistics with “s” key. Head to the “Getting Started” section on the website of your chosen pool. 0 – optimized for fast cards, 1 – optimized for slow cards, 2 – for gpu-pro Linux drivers. Note: for NVIDIA cards this option is not supported. You can use options inside cgminer to manage your settings and to write a config file so that next time all you have to do is run cgminer for it to connect. You can also use your web browser to see current miner state, for example, type “localhost:3333” in web browser. For example, “-tstop 95” means 95C temperature. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. Once you get a little more comfortable, you can use the recommended settings on the hardware comparison page to optimize your miner, by adding them to the end of the command you input into the command prompt. A lot of people will already have these in their computers, but not all graphics cards are created equal. download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio, Paste into your console on dogeminer.se (to open: cmd + opt + i in Safari and Chrome, cmd + opt + k in Firefox). Default port is 3333, specify “-mport 0” to disable remote monitoring/management feature. The buy-loop is where the real magic of Dogebot comes in. Doge Kennels Wow very efficiency, entire kennels to mine dogecoin. You can also swap out the rum for a sweet Canadian whiskey like Crown Royal.

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