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Sorry but this tells me about as much as reading the back cover. Cadwallon is a cosmopolitan city outside of the conflicts of Ragnarok. In the game, players have been tasked as members of the Free League, a militia of sorts whose job it is to protect the city and its people... often from themselves.

The combats are supposed to be played with miniatures from that game. Rackham have always been known for their gorgeous artwork and wonderful miniatures and this is no exception. It never quite explains what tactical roleplaying is exactly and it comes across in the reading as either a dumbed down D&D where the board becomes necessary or a brightened up skirmish game where you actually roleplay. The cool thing about the tiles is they depict actual sections of Cadwallon, places either in the city or below the city your characters can explore. As with most of Rackham's products, Cadwallon was originally written in French and later translated into English. Ash.

Distinctive features are roughly the equivalent of feats in D&D - cool advantages that can always help, but which have a drawback. Add in the magical nature of the setting, and you have problems with alchemical potions fouling the drinking water, spells gone awry, the dead rising to walk again and a host of baddies literally crawling out of the sewers.

Grog d'Or (Best RPG Nominee, 2007) Edition Info : Rackham (2006) Stock: 01 ISBN: 2915556385. They are bound to the Duke, but may also be hired by all other people to do jobs for them.

It is set in the fantasy world of Rackham's previous game Confrontation.

In the game, players have been tasked as members of the Free League, a militia of sorts whose job it is to protect the city and its people... often from themselves. Each player in the game controls a gang in the Guild of Thieves and competes to liberate the greatest treasure from the residents of the fantasy city of Cadwallon.

Cadwallon has a custom system where pools of six-sided dice are used when determining the success of actions. Tentacles!’ approach and a more magically oriented approach than Iron Kingdom’s brutalist steampunk. Sounds like a case of good translation, poor localisation. If your total is greater than or equal to the difficulty of the test, you have succeeded.

They have both inside illustrations for buildings and rooftop illustrations, so your characters can brawl in the local tavern or swordfight across rooftops.

Combat is fairly quick and simple and has a death/spiral health level thing going on and character creation is basically constructed using a series of templates, races/trades/distinctive features.

* No, frigging, index. When reacting, the reaction roll will take place before the action roll, as its result will become the target difficulty for the action.

The combat section is entirely concerned with board based combat and while there’s a mention of being able to use the game as a full on, proper RPG there’s precious little support for that idea here.

Along with the players handbook, Rackham also puts out a series of Reversible Gaming Tiles, large cardboard maps that are grided for use with miniatures.

The cool thing about the tiles is they depict actual sections of Cadwallon, places either in the city or below the city your characters can explore. Cadwallon sells itself as a 'tactical role playing game' and it sits, uncomfortably and mystifyingly, somewhere between D&D and one of Games Workshop's skirmish games like Mordheim or Necromunda. You get a real feel for the city and its inhabitants and the dark renaissance type of world that Cadwallon resides in. For example the "Parry" distinctive feature has the advantage that rolls of 1 are no longer failures when using a reaction to increase Defense, but the character must have Style as his favored attitude (I'll explain the mechanics later). A character has a certain amount of dice each turn, which during action declaration he splits between two pools: Action pool and Reaction pool. Oppositions are the tactical part of the game where you have to use action and reaction pools that are split from the character's Potential. They are divided in three main groups: Light, Destiny (neutrality) and Darkness.

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Learn how and when to remove this template message, Article on the Guide du rôliste galactique, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cadwallon_(role-playing_game)&oldid=933368788, Articles lacking sources from September 2009, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 December 2019, at 14:25. As for mini-centric, Cadwallon is certainly that. Beyond that there is still intrigue and conflict between the various groups that have divided up the city and plenty to deal with there, along with outside enemies.

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