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Getting them to your hand should not be tough. The deck has had a long history of revisions. Reminders that “Vampire Fraulein” is a great card: 1)Her boost effect is NOT once per turn. Personally I run “Everliving Underworld Cannon” X3, as well as “Vampire Fraulein” X3. Glow-Up Bulb/Trishula: Too inconsistent. The subreddit for players of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Not much to be said on these. Use Amaterasu to bring back a Wulf/Felis/Lyla from banished zone, then use Zephyros from grave to return it to your hand. Instead normal summon your Yamato and grab the piece you are missing. Technically “Vora Studies” can add itself, though it is unlikely that you will ever need it to do that. Also shoutouts to my friend Soramirr. Description: Inspired by Don Thousand’s no-card play during his first duel (against Mizael) in Zexal, the deck is meant to be what a “holy” villain would use. They can be used to both make Kagutsuchi and be brought back from the grave if milled by Kagutsuchi. A basic combo would be: Summon “Element Blesser”, use “Tree of Alchemy” or “Scroll of Bewitchment” (that is searchable with “Bewitching Curse of Alchemy”) to change her Attribute to Fire, Link her into “Burning Alchemist”, get a free draw, use “Burning Alchemist”‘s effect to pop something, her Attribute changes, attack into something up to 2500 ATK and using “Element Blesser”‘s second effect boost her to take out that monster as well. You can see the typical mechanic of the archetype (Synchro/Link lockdown for monsters with Web Counters) at the start, and the second archetype mechanic (do “X” when you kill something with Web Counters) in the end.

The point of “Shadow Priestess”‘es Spell bounce is either: 1)bouncing an opponent’s Field or Continuous Spell, resulting in it not resolving and locking it for a turn.

Activate Jewels of the Valiant. “Chain of Lava” will be resurrecting himself every.single.turn. (Cette Invocation Spéciale est traitée comme une Invocation Xyz. Matérias Xyz associadas a ele também se tornam Matérias Xyz no monstro Invocado.). The deck is also used by the female lead/final villain, Sena, of an alternative Yugioh storyline I’ve written for some time now, called “Yugioh Elite” (which I am hoping to one day release as a single player campaign mode forYugioh Pro).Deck example link, Link That even includes the very same monsters that were just destroyed, if one turn has passed since you Summoned them. Level: Weak Description: Inspired by white phosphorus and the severe burns it can cause, “the Endless” are a Zombie archetype (Tuners and Extra Deck monsters are Light Attribute, the rest Earth) focusing on outgrinding the opponent and feeling “endless” during the endgame. Even if they are not negated, if the number of spells you control is reduced, all your Spells in the Chain Link become weaker. Pick one and stick with it. Set your spells in your backrow then place your Hiruko in scale. Think hard if you actually want “War of Attrition” to return an “Endless” from the GY. The deck revolves heavily around the Field Spell, “Yamimakai” (though it can work easily without it as well), which also unlocks more effects the lower your Life Points get, the most iconic of which being that at 500 or less LP, all damage you receive is reduced to 0. Depending on his position, “Nymph” can follow. With “Hirume”, “Arasuda” and “Goat” you can easily get both of the first 2. ), You might have noticed my deep appreciation for “Pendulum Switch” and its infinite versatility in the “Succubus Party” deck as well, with “Succubus Nap Time” basically being an archetypal version of it. Level: Average Due to this restriction, almost all of the cards in the deck (with the exception of those that generate card advantage) have no opt restrictions, which is the Deck’s main gimmick: As long as you can keep boosting their ATK back up, you can trigger their effects more than once per turn. If your opponent is smart, they will actually MST your Spells (or something similar).

Level: Average As you can guess, the main advantage of the Deck is that it can use resources from all the Entity-supporting decks I have made in the past, including “Vurko”, “Darkwood”, “Grand Order” and others. If your turn starts and by some miracle you still have “Broken Mirror” on your field, keep in mind that you need to get rid of him before you Normal Summon. It will be very typical to ditch “Avenger” to boost “Memory Crush King” to 6 for example, or ditch “Grief” to boost “Haunter” to 6. Either be prepared to Fusion with him, or use him only at the start of the duel, when you still have LP to spare. (Questa Evocazione Speciale viene considerata un'Evocazione Xyz. The deck also features heavy anti-Link themes, for obvious reasons, with the “Succubi” putting various lockdowns on Links. This is a “Salamangreat” trick mostly, but remember that “Sunlight Wolf” can always just bounce “Ash Blossom”. The Extra Deck monsters all have the word “Ash” in their name, in reference to them being the “original” Zombies of the archetype, created from humans who died due to the usage of white phosphorus and were reanimated by the “Old Entity of the Endless – Gla’ak”. A: Second so you can OTK. A Larger Lightsworn Engine: Too slow and no other synergy with the deck. The best way to get better with the deck is to play it a lot. You.

Pot of Desires: You will deck out. The 400 damage you take will also trigger your Thousand Blades. That way himself + any of the “Deep Sea” Tuners leads to his grandpa, “Emperor of Tentacles”. Practically only 5 of the 8 custom cards of the Deck are needed, with the other 3 being mostly extras that are, however, fun to use.Deck example link, Link The point of both “Avenger” and “Grief”‘es discard effects is to get your monsters to the Level 6 minimum, letting you trigger the Traps’ 2nd effects. Overextend. The Trap add might not be that important, but you will still be keeping the high ATK “Darkwoods” in your hand thanks to the Field Spell, and “Prophet of Terror”‘s GY banish effect will add even more damage to the already high damage output (. Ultimately, I made “the Converging” to satisfy that creative need. Level: Average

I recommend dropping Trick Clown into your grave as opposed to Wulf. Though the support from the “Dimensional Family” is the same, the recipes of each deck are different, based on what the Fusions do.Deck example linkDeck example link 2Deck example link 3Deck example link 4Deck example link 5Deck example link 6, Link Has a crossover with “Arachnophobia”.Deck example link. I hope one day we will see this deck be somewhat meta. Keep in mind that the Archetype uses no effects whatsoever to add cards from the Deck, specifically so you can run “Mistake” in it X3.Deck Example Link, If only people learnt to get past the looks and appreciate the inner beauty of the Dimensionals…, Link It is basically the Rokkets’ mechanic, except instead of summoning new monsters from the Deck, they Summon themselves back from the GY. Every monster of the archetype can only be Summoned once per turn, in any possible way (that even includes Normal Summons). Description: Descending from the “Vurko”, “Swambush” are a series of Flip-based monsters, capable of Link Summoning. Mass-produced and the main soldiers of the Vylswarm army, along with the Cacophonies. As a minor theme, the Level 6 monsters are Spellcasters, while all the others are warriors.Deck example link. Keep in mind that if you have 2 copies of a “Graveborn” and you resurrect one of them with another card (say with “Monster Reborn”), the second copy still in the GY can be resurrected off itself. Description: A deck I use for playing Classic (though that was coincidental because of its main mechanic), the Deck focuses on punishing the use of the Extra Deck, while at the same time having no Extra Deck of its own, employing multiple Traps. Through the various effects of the archetype and the trap “Token Stampede”, the Tokens can reach some pretty terrifying ATK stats. I dropped Zephyros, Thousand blades and both Jigabytes.

The Deck is themed after the American Supreme Court system, with driders. Description: Inspired by the song “Going Nuclear” by Miracle of Sound (which in turn was made to promote Fallout 4), “New Clears” are post-apocalyptic monsters with a love for puns. I cant do anything with a level 5 on the board so at best its Snow Fodder. Description: Once again, support for a classic archetype, the goal being to use as few cards as possible. Remember that “Warmongering” is a Quick-Play Spell, and can therefore be chained to your opponent’s plays, making them waste a card. In the Vylswarms’ case, one of the two is used by “Moses” herself, beginning said apocalypse.). I still think Cowboy is better than Norden. Use Counters to remember what’s what. Description: After being tired of creating Entity-connected archetypes for a while, I decided to go for a bit more classic theme, inspired by my delving into the Conan universe and the DM early monsters, like “Zombyra the Dark” and “Goblin Attack Force”. “Shub Nig” covers both conditions for the extra effect of “New Path of the Bujin” on her own.

Just to be clear, without disruptions, an average hand of “Darkwoods” can throw enough damage to the opponent to OTK… In a tag duel. Always keep a copy of “Anastasis” in your GY, no matter how tempting it is to just ditch it for “Fidelium”. This card is actually quite amazing for what it does for the deck. Technically, the Deck also supports Elemental Heroes “Bubbleman”, “Heat”, “Ocean” and “Neo Bubbleman”.

The Deck’s best card is (probably) “Rad Time!”, making one of your “New Clears” attack up to a possible total of 6 times!Deck example link, Link Many of their cards require controlling a Tuner to get their full effects.

They are the first archetype I created that doubles as entity support (the first of many), and the name is Greek for “muddy water” or “unclean water”, though it is normally used for swamp water instead of sewer water. Vylswarm Croacker = The 2nd Plague, the swarm of frogs. It can resurrect the very monster you just discarded (provided the GY already had an appropriate monster to be summoned). In its initial version, it was a Super-Poly based Deck, which I found too cheap in the end, deciding to revamp the whole thing, though it cost the deck much of its power. The ability to Book of Moon something on summon both adds the ability to stun the opponent during their turn as well as providing an out to Dark Law. The Deck is also surprisingly good at Swarming, able to Summon 2 Link 4s with an average hand and a single rekidnling, while still setting up a negate or two.Deck example link, Link If you don't have immediate access to another level 4 light monster, instead of going for Amaterasu you will be better off going for Kagutsuchi.

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