belle in a sentence

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Arrival of gypsies; Belle goes on short journey.

2. How can you use “belle” in a sentence?

Belle definition is - a popular and attractive girl or woman; especially : a girl or woman whose charm and beauty make her a favorite. dude did you see belle down the hall?" The route through the valley of La Belle was little known to Federals, and practically unguarded. The group released their first album, " Vesper Belle ", in August 2011 independently and released their second album, " Hydrogen Child ", in April 2013 through In Music We Trust Records.

17 people chose this as the best definition of belle: A pretty woman or girl; o... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. We sat down, and Belle made tea and did the honours of the meal. I've been waiting for one my whole life! The Belle Voyageuse met shipwreck, and I on board. THIS CAN BE THEY ONLY LOOK LIKE GOOD FRIENDS:) Camille belle is not for my robert ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And here the voice of Belle was drowned in her sobs. school belle in a sentence - Use "school belle" in a sentence 1. Answer. "Louisa Castlefort, _si belle, si belle_, so beautifully dressed!". ", In a typical moment, Blanche, the vain Southern belle played by Rue McClanahan, preens, "One thing I know for sure, I have not lost my hourglass figure.". I can't believe you went to the fair with Belle. 2. Djidjeli a un port dans lequel on peut mouiller avec confiance pendant la. Old Stacy had a reputed daughter named Antonia. Mr. Chittenden looked for his return to the La Belle in vain. Nature never intended Belle to appear as a gypsy; she had made her too proud and serious. She was not called the belle of the evening, but belle of the season.

The series centered on a pretty and popular girl named " School Belle ", a pun on the terms'school bell'and " belle of the ball ", and the attempts of various boys to become her latest boyfriend.

On my way I met Emily Fleming and Belle Wallace. someone March 22nd, 2009 at 7: 40 pm edit ill camilla is ugly! The right leg of the harrow terminates at the hamlet of La Belle Alliance. The period at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century is often termed the belle époque for France. I met a Belle today! WHERE?! Example sentences for: belle How can you use “belle” in a sentence? !A: I'm never telling you! in a sentence. Show me how to use I can't get her smile out of my head! Parbleu, la belle demande! Le commissaire avait déjà disparu pour obéir à la. Cora received visits from Belle Cora, who in the past had spent thousands on his legal defense.

La Belle murmurs it as her waters dance and sparkle on their way to the sea. I chose it to serve as a first qualifier of the period label belle époque. Sharon Lawrence as the fading southern belle is great. All Rights Reserved.

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AZdictionary.com was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. "Oh, yes; you are Kaolin's sister -- her they call the belle of the tribe; your name's Nacena. fine adjective: fin, beau, raffiné, excellent, agréable: belle noun: beauté: pretty adjective: joli, beau, agréable, mignon, coquet: comely adjective: beau, charmant: shapely adjective: galbé, bien fait, bien galbé, bien proportionné, beau: Find more words!
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What does belle mean in French? she's fucking hot!! 2010-07-26 20:57:30 2010-07-26 20:57:30. "hell yeah! Belles from various countries participated in the beauty event. beautiful. Sentence example with the word 'belle' belle bathing beauty, beauty, bunny, dazzler, fine lady, knockout, model, pinup, pussycat, sex kitten, toast Definition n. a young woman who is the most charming and beautiful of several rivals Last update: July 18, 2015.

some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Victor Hugo, in exile in Guernsey, was writing Les Misérables, while Baudelaire was working on Les Fleurs du Mal, and Offenbach was composing jolly operettas, such as La Belle Hélène. 3. How do you use the word belle in a sentence? Though, fair demoiselles, I have been chosen the belle, I feel as I gaze upon the galaxy of beauty around me that I, "she added in gay tones," have no occasion to blush at my own loveliness, for I feel that the gods have been so lavish in their gifts of everything that is lovely that they have surely become bankrupt and have kept no charms for me, and that Monsieur Eau Clair must have looked at my poor graces through rose-coloured spectacles when he called me _la belle_ and made me the recipient of gifts fit for a queen. Jack made the hat to crown him, while Belle shaped his coat and marked out the buttons. Belle in a sentence | Short example sentence for belle, Picked in a sentence | Short example sentence for picked, Despatch in a sentence | Short example sentence for despatch, Shortness in a sentence | Short example sentence for shortness, Welcome in a sentence | Short example sentence for welcome, Typhoon in a sentence | Short example sentence for typhoon, Always Will in a sentence | Short example sentence for always will, Continuously in a sentence | Short example sentence for continuously, Nintendo in a sentence | Short example sentence for nintendo, Consultative in a sentence | Short example sentence for consultative, Lillie in a sentence | Short example sentence for lillie, Words to describe Belle | Belle Adjectives. hey get Belle to come with us, she will get the party started. More meanings for belle. Examples of belle in a sentence: 1. Terms and Conditions | Cookie Policy | Contact Us, missy, young woman, girl, fille, young lady, d'assez, beaux, beaus, constamment, sortis.

A beautiful Belle Époque hotel that’s slightly less formal than the smaller Ritz, but every bit as stylish and elegant. 1 2 3. !B: NO WAY!

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In the first three cases were diamond brooches made to adorn the spacious dresses of the belle époque , gleaming leaf-and-flower compositions that could sweep across a whole décolletage from shoulder to shoulder, or smaller ornaments festooned with graceful diamond swags and dripping with pendant diamond drops. Top Answer.

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