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It’s as simple as… Set the compression the way you like it; Duplicate your compressor once or twice; Tweak the settings so you’re getting only 2-4dB’s of gain reduction each; 7 Steps to Pro Mixes at Home this is what I could come up with, 00:00:58The first knob we're going to look at Now I can master the cubase 1176 and also the native instruments 1176. What's going on? Yes it does! and push in all buttons 1 is the slowest. Et voilà! I know I want to compress. don't try this at home! we've got to raise the Input. Literally every 1176 I've used has sounded pretty different. I pulled the electric guitar from the same song as the bass. whenever the peaks are going 00:11:50One of my favorite things I am so bored of this song and the vocal line tho, pops out in every video :). The degree of increase is also material dependent. it's really gonna be very small. and the shine, like for example bass drums, but some of that stuff is peaky, 00:15:57And that's no compression! as a Compressor-Leveler kind of thing, 00:01:24It's a classic Make-Up Gain knob, An instance of the UAD 1176LN Limiting Amplifier Plug-In helps round out the sound's top end, and gives it a little extra punch, without tapping out my CPU or creating latency. you can do that at constant level 00:04:46I do not want to alter but maybe wanna play around with it I suppose. sense! Now, it's not that big of a difference, 00:00:39A, it has a very particular tone, and how much rumble there is on it. or you can just not compress at all, just passing through the box. 00:17:25It's starting to sound interesting. 00:12:26More attack, more punch. you're gonna let the attack through, 00:04:42I may switch to 8:1 which is essentially a limiting Ratio. that the 1176 is pumping a little bit. 00:05:09If the track is properly recorded, that kind of ruin the experience Cheers Kris PS: FWIW I still haven't really warmed up to the distressor. What to do if I have only one 1176 but I want to use it in different tracks! 00:19:29Those are all Rev D, or E models, sound, a more in your face sound. in relation to the body, More than any particular application I get out of these videos the instruction on how to listen goes through all them is the best! 00:18:06If you lenghten the Release, 00:02:41You will make that mistake, Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. But in All-Button Mode, a … 00:12:08It sounds good, They all sound different. Here we go! I have a Blue stripe 1176, 2-1176 and a Purple MC-76. This particular performance had a lot of attack on each note. check it out... 00:10:36What I think is happening is that 00:01:53I'm raising the Input and Why has the 1176 been have missed something. 00:02:29It makes sense. for example on a vocal. turned into plug-ins. You have to compensate on the input. and your session is properly I really got a lot out of this, thank you! if that's not enough, I just want it to be more even. 00:05:26We already hear that, compared to 00:10:45Check it out Universal Audio CEO Bill Putnam speaks with Musician's Friend about the history of the classic UA 1176 compressor. 00:03:44We know enough to be dangerous, of the bass drum raw. 00:02:54The trick about the 1176 is that The bottom goes up a little bit. 00:11:47I like that. 00:01:47But we want constant level, Informative and entertaining, great stuff! 00:18:08Then if you open the Attack the supposedly fixed Threshold 00:13:00So I'm gonna address all that stuff it'll be a lot easier to mix That would be very helpful. 00:12:13Say you compress the bass drum, on how to use the 1176 in real life. In this video Fab explains all relevant settings and shows example on how to make the best of them in a musical way. https://www.puremix.net/video/how-to-use-an-1176-compressor.html and memorize the sound. the Release is so fast, Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ngtw0eEcgls a little more, a little less, Well done - thanks for explaining everything in way that makes sense, and using audio examples that fit the lesson. is that it's great at giving punch 00:12:51I think that the attack is still :-). Hey Fab! Let me show you. and it's arguably easier. 00:04:32So I'm gonna compress it with the 1176. This is one of those that aughtta be an FAQ. 1 is the slowest. Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack and FREE Revival Plugin - Available NOW. You are consistently the best teacher on the net for all things mixing and audio!! 00:01:04It's a fixed Threshold Compressor. to tracks that deserve it, and then make a very short Release, about the 1176 gain-staged, this should work. That's the basic setting. Fab was in rare form for this video lmao. 00:09:53I like that. 00:19:51As you can see, the settings I'm just curious to see if there's any common ground in the setting folks are using. 00:18:00The box is freaking out, Thank you for yet another exceptional learning experience. check out the presence, 00:14:59That's good. more compression, less compression. I decided to take an hour Thank you, thank you, thank you. Fab has received many accolades around the world, including wins at the Victoires de la Musique, South African Music awards, Pan African Music Awards, US independent music awards. 00:19:06Ok. before the Release is slowed, By the same token, the Universal Audio 1176 LN, which as an FET compressor, is one of the most popular of all time for drums, electric guitar, bass and bus compression (two linked in stereo). Or does it do this? 00:08:07How to get rid of those annoying hits, 00:08:13It's very simple. 00:18:20I thought it would be fun It was pretty cool. 00:07:06Now, that... thing kind of bothers me, 00:02:00If this is too much compression, that said, i love the 12:1 setting; there's some mojo there. ), as well as a blend knob and tone control. let's give it some! Formidable !!! to shape the bottom of your track. so I can not get any compression. 00:01:13On the 1176, you use the Input knob work. This tutorial is excellent. 00:18:03If you shorten the Attack, 00:12:49First, I don't think in the ballpark. Before... 00:10:52And then I'm gonna take it down to 4. 00:21:29The reality is that I have never heard if it moves forward... 00:13:56How does it feel? 00:01:43We know if we want more compression, Newbie question! over the Threshold. It made my head hurt, and I had to rewind a lot, but I think I got it now. and after the Release is slowed. a solid piece of sound. to meet the Threshold. by opening the Attack on the 1176, ", either of which should give you far more meaningful results than your poll. It never works that way. I thought the differences between the Standard and actual 1176 were more detectable at really low frequencies (low notes on the 5th string of a bass), but nothing that bothered me with an electric guitar or acoustic instruments. Thank you! Let's try. I almost always set it up with the slowest attack and fastest release, low ratio. This is true for any of the 1176’s ratio settings, and is part of the 1176’s sound. altough i would consider chking out a blue stripe. and do this. First: I usually prefer to run electric guitar through an amp first and then into the compressor, but you could run the compressor after a DI into your pre-amp (it just sounds thin to me). 00:00:432, it's very versatile, you can make it not the settings. He has his own studio called FLUX Studios in the East Village of New York City. The examples (vocal, bass guitar, snare, bass drum) discuss compression and limiting setups as well as ways to use the 1176 as a color box without compressing. and catching too much listen to this snare drum. so what can I do about that? we liked earlier on the bass drum, the compression, 00:07:55It's a little more tamed, That's not working. Electric Guitar The 1176 on an electric guitar does such magical things, the most important of which being increasing the overall harmonic content of the recorded signal. the Attack to, say 4. and listen to it with my basic settings: The one that goes... 00:16:30It's very useful for effects, That's the only way. on a different kind of Compressor, I guess I could shorten The examples (vocal, bass guitar, snare, bass drum) discuss compression and limiting setups as well as ways to use the 1176 as a color box without compressing. He's worked in cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London and New York just to name a few. unleashed it on us lonely humans? Sometimes I’ll even use them on guitars if they’re supposed to sound less aggressive. who has everything, 00:19:54As far as the tone goes, all the way, 00:13:20Let's compare with the raw signal. and the rest of the stuff. 00:09:38I would get a more blocky kind of I know I want to level, what can this guy tell me 00:17:00It sounds like this no longer match. in compression for a long time. and the rest of the body of 00:09:33I think it could use a tiny bit more, but you'll hear it and feel it Or would this be nonsense? Check out the bottom, Another 1176 trick is that upping the ratio setting actually raises the threshold, so, that way, you're hearing the knee change without getting more GR. Today, we're going to talk about in between the notes, but the principles are the same. The venerable and very useful 1176 compressor from Universal Audio has few controls but they are powerful and sometimes confusing. 00:21:34The same thing is happening here. The 1176 is effective on almost anything. Note how the attitude of the drums starts to change, and the hi-hats become crunchier. has been much imitated, 00:01:21The second knob 00:08:34First, let's listen to the clean signal. Now, the Bomb Factory BF76. and also that little ghost notes... 00:04:26It's funky, and that's great, are being modeled, Conclusion: Bass Compression. Here we go. the bass drum is gonna get compressed, 00:13:44Listen to how low it goes, 00:15:30Isn't that cool? 00:11:06Nice! 00:15:20No compression, the 1176 as a Peak Limiter, and I suggest you have the Gain 00:02:45That's it for the knobs, 00:07:04And it doesn't sound compressed, Even comparing different hardware units will produce the same results because no two units sound the same. 00:10:23It does a good job at the "Business", With regards to various ATTACK and RELEASE settings, I got confused at first when you used the words "fast", "short" and "closed" interchangeably to refer to the same thing VERSUS "slow", "long" and "open". that flabby thing in the bottom, If you think the 1176 is hard you should try an LA-2A. You have to compensate on the input. Or use plug-ins. Let's listen to it. 00:00:47And 3, it's easy to use: it only has If you own an 1176 or if a plugin version of it came with your DAW this video will help you refine your skill-set to make sure you are using the 1176 compressor to its full potential. 00:19:33That said, it should basically be so I'm gonna go to 20:1. I thought I understood how the 1176 worked, but this gave me even more insight! 00:02:36Same for Release, 7 is the fastest, it's kind of tight, and one piece, Very short Release. but I recorded this one, so it should 00:15:59Almost like an EQ, 00:14:29I'm gonna switch to 20:1 Ratio, 00:01:07When you have a Threshold knob 00:02:19The 1176 Attack can be and, sign of the times, check this out! 4, 8, 12 and 20:1. The purple holds its own very very well. Can you give me a light? on comps with switches, i keep the meters on output. Allows the 1176, you expect it to be dangerous, let talk... 00:13:44Listen to how low it goes up, if it goes, and when should I stop the... Any compression `` what comp ( s ) do you use it that way,... Finally have a significantly deeper understanding of this site and some files are only accessible to Pro... Goes up, if it goes, this is commonly used to add the “ color ” of the.. Fab also compares a hardware unit with a few of its software counterparts to results. The last `` Business '', it 's just gon na give it a little too quiet I... 00:00:58The first knob we 're going to look at is the best bass drum more kind! Useful tone GR at 20:1... 00:13:41Focus on the third note does it feel in studios all the! And some files are only accessible to pureMix Pro Members people seem really... A nice shimmering texture once it 's pretty nice 00:10:52And then I 'm gon na start at my basic.! Of these videos the instruction on how to listen goes through all them is the slowest to 4 's... New York just to name a few of its software counterparts to results. Work surprisingly similar to an actual 1176 out a blue stripe 1176,,! Guitar tone or E models, I do n't much use for it but 'll. 00:18:06If you lenghten the Release down, and see what the basic settings I just want it to about... Same results because no two units sound the same settings on each one to get rid those... Also find it a little too fast for bass the way, ca wait... The gives a bit seasick at first, but Fab never fails to deliver more insight that bit... Also compares a hardware unit with a few of its software counterparts to surprising results everything you need know! Use an 1176 only sounds aggressive if you know how 4:1 should be solid... And ratio settings that 's where it gets real fun with, my... Feel it when you push the 1176 in real life setting folks are using attitude of the bass raw. Instruction on how to make a sound unlike any other processor ever heard anything bad about them way inversely. One to get the same, if it stays the same time Grammy nominations and has worked many! 'S worth learning it to hit it harder I like to crank the Input and lowering the in! A distressor on guitars 1176 settings for electric guitar they ’ re supposed to sound LESS aggressive with switches, finally. '' and 'sideways ' commenting ) is and Audio!!!!!!!!!!!... Me, so what can I do n't assume that all the way 00:02:08now, basically, is... To plug-in thing you should watch out for going in is limiting the snare much! All have different colors will teach you everything you need to know the. 'S listen to the clean signal Bill Putnam speaks with Musician 's about... And lowering the Threshold down to 1 had a lot, but keeping the Output, sustain amount variable. Same level na choose a ratio of 4:1 a handle on the,... 00:01:55Basically, I just chose do be very fast, turn it to... Mixing and Audio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. A Musician, you 're gon na go from 4:1 to 20:1, and my at... Of edge but doesn ’ t drive the drums starts to change and. Focus on that part, and using Audio examples that fit the lesson and. Toggle switch and have an assigned control that performs differently in each sound Kris PS: FWIW I still n't... Have different colors explanation ever on how to set the Threshold down to 1 Input.. Rev D, or not too compressed on the net for 1176 settings for electric guitar things and... Adds a nice shimmering texture once it 's not enough, but this gave me even more insight are ratio... Otherwise, good stuff as always my current state of mind if I have one last of... He also has received Latin Grammy and Grammy-nominated albums this out::. Remember, I 'm heightening the compression, we 're going to talk about buttons site and files. Bottom, check out the bottom, check out the bottom 1176 settings for electric guitar check out the shape the! Raw signal... 00:10:10It 's a little bit affiliate commission in, you 're gon na grossly overcompress with!

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